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  1. Hotel Perico is in the middle of nowhere. More central are Ajijic Suites on Colon across from the plaza. Also the western most of the 2 motor court motels on the Carretera between Juarez and Aquiles Seradan. Both can be had on Airbnb for about $12/day. Ajijic Suites provides a breakfast of sorts.
  2. Is Marlow's still open on Donato Guerra? Sometimes it is at SuperLake.
  3. Why don't you just buy the vape thing.
  4. Pete, Todd is what you and I said.
  5. The Whirlpool Inverter models have a heat mode.
  6. Todd Strong has said for the past 10 years or so that the water is safe.
  7. Our 18,000 BTU (1.5 ton) Whirlpool uses about 7-9 KwH per night of use. I chose this unit over LG or Rheem due to some energy saving features. Tio Sam's carries them.
  8. If I were to go to the SP hospital in Joco and apply, what do I need to take with me, besides my RPerm card?
  9. There is no store like Restoration Hardware in Mexico. And you have to be more specific, like the RH of 20 years ago with lots of gadgets, housewares, etc or the more recent RH without all the stuff they had 20 years ago and more of a design center, a very expensive one.
  10. We have 6 or 7 panels for a 32,680 lt, 8600 gal pool. It will be as warm as you want it from late Feb on, including now. It is touch and go during the rainy season but decently above 80 most of the time.
  11. I have been running a surplus, now almost 2000 Kwh, since 2011 and they have never reset it.
  12. There is no good solar option for Mid-Nov thru Feb. If you have to use it during those months, get a gas heater.
  13. Why not just use Mexican heroin. Seriously is this a question with all the focus on opiad abuse??
  14. RV, that is what happened to our friends. They were Perm and Tourist when they returned. Didn't know it for 8 months, obviously being here illegally at that point.
  15. OK, I see that. I have always checked Tourism. Is that wrong now?
  16. ?? I am looking at the latest forms and do not see a box labeled "Other".
  17. Writing in permanent, big marker "Res Permanente" on both halves AND also make sure the immigration official marks the correct box in the grey area of the form. I know someone who was Permanent and immigration official checked the Tourist box and now he has to start his Permanent all over again. Big hassle. Where is the box you state is "OTHER"?
  18. I see some devices at Costco and they are about $25,000p, or about $1330US. Not sure if they are comparable as I don't have one, just an observation. Dr Candy Ugalde is a great dentist, next to HSBC in the shopping center opposite Walmart.
  19. Now you mention pets. My 2 overnight recommendations would be ideal for you. You might find something nice on the outskirts of Mazatlan but after 2 days of driving, we liked the oceanfront location of Los Arcos. Coming from the north, exit the Cuota at the first mention of a Mazatlan exit, then proceed south, go around the marina and go a couple miles, then take a right off that road to the first road off the beach. Los Arcos is there.
  20. We crossed at Lukeville, after spending the night in Jila Bend. First night at Best Western on N end of Navojoa. It will be on your right. If you get an early start out of Jila Bend, like 6am, you should hit Novojoa about dusk. Second night in Mazatlan. Take your pick. If you have a dog, we like Los Arcos on the beach. Next day paradise!
  21. tomgates


    And the logical question is location please!
  22. One of our neighbors on Zaragoza had 2 of their dogs poisoned IN THEIR GATED AND FENCED YARD. They will survive. They said it is believed that someone in the government is doing this to hasten the chances of gaining Pueblo Magico status.
  23. We put in solar 6 years ago, E-Sun did ours and the followup service from them is a 10.
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