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  1. You can park on Tempisque if it is full in front.
  2. Had the occasion to eat at Blue Rose (their new location), El Fiesta (in Blue Rose's old location) and El Charro. All more than excellent. Nice to have TexMex back with El Fiesta.
  3. When visiting last week, we had dinner there. Excellent as usual and what we remember. The remodel with white tablecloths add to the ambiance.
  4. We never found tater tots anywhere lakeside. A restaurant in Guadalajara, Gambino's, on Sao Paulo in the Providencia neighborhood, had tater tots on their menu.
  5. What is required at the Guadalajara airport upon entering the Customs area? I had read that the certificate is no longer required, only a rabies vaccination record.
  6. Ibarra, All the years we were there, there were instances of dogs being abandoned in Mid-March into April. I leave it at that.
  7. Some lain brain snowbirds have long dumped their dogs prior to going up north.
  8. This on and off again high rise seems to be on again. Chapala MLS shows 9 listings for this project, just west of Hotel Real de Chapala.
  9. Look on Facebook for Guillermo Erickson Sauza. "Memo" owns Tequila Fortaleza. You might have seen his tequila at the store next to SuperLake. He also has a tasting room on the square in Tequila. He is happy to entertain a group at his distillery.
  10. We always found it at Costco.
  11. Hopefully they won't go back to Ecstasy
  12. Banks know instantly whether money was issued or not from a given ATM.
  13. Tried it just now to let him know someone was trying to get hold of him.
  14. ats2505@hotmail.com or just call him at 376-766-2046
  15. Probably Starbucks or Subway, depending on how early.
  16. When I rented a car from Margaret this past April, the daily rate was $500mp. The car was insured. I have had mostly bad experiences renting cars from major car rental companies, usually at airports. The issue was always being forced to buy "optional" liability insurance, at costs up to $30us/day. In most all countries, including Mexico, liability coverage is on the car, not the driver. The policy is in the glove box.
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