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  1. Ditto that shop. You can find cheaper but not better.
  2. You know, this is pretty simple, just as John S and MLost have pointed out. If those of you who don't understand this, perhaps you best not travel outside the US or Canada. Today's(US) Visa exchange rate with 0% bank fee, is 17.7418
  3. John and MostlyLost are 100% correct. The net amount of pesos, euros or whatever you get from the ATM reflects the various fees the ATM charges you. The actual rate is fixed each day by VISA or MC. You can click on the 2 links and see the daily posting.
  4. Couple years ago, we were heading south on Hwy 200 on our way to Bucerias, and once the 2 lane road opens up to 4 lanes, the speed limit drops from 80 to 50. I got a ticket for speeding and they took my rear license plate. Mexican plated car. So it happens.
  5. When we were doing a home remodel, I went to Schwab and asked them to increase my daily limit from $1000 to $3000. I would withdraw $21,000 from CI (3x$7000) and do the same at HSBC. At the 19 exchange rate, that was about $2200US. This was in 2019 and there wasn't any of the exchange rate "suggestions" bs that is going on now.
  6. Lakeside, we had policies from several companies over the 12 years. Seguros El Potosi was the one we had when the car was totaled. The actual insurance company is irrelevant. The agent you actually give the money to is most important.
  7. In the 12 years we were there, we used Parker. Had our US plated car totaled in 2010 and received our money within 30 days.
  8. A golf cart would be an ideal mode of transportation IN Ajijic. Don't drive on the Carretara. Just get one with larger wheels to make travel on the cobblestones more comfortable.
  9. Used to be easy to park on the upper level (3rd) for a bit more than $100/day.
  10. The electricity to run a hot tub, added to the overall usage of house, doesn't come close to $1000mp per day. That would be $30,000 per month. If there is a solar electric system, then the cost is negligible.
  11. Just looking at the Chapala MLS site, chapalamls.net , there seems to be little change in prices over the past 3 years, since we sold our house in Ajijic.
  12. The UV radiation really degrades tires. Replacing every 4-5 years, like mentioned above, would be advised. Your life might depend on it. Regarding brands, Cooper Discovery used to be a good tire but my experience has been good with Michelin and Bridgestone.
  13. Might be just a reaction to housing prices in the US. I would estimate, based on comparables in my zip code, that the home we bought here in Greenville only 3 years ago is up about 50%.
  14. The larger issue is that post-Pandemic travel is back in a big way and some of the services at airports are lagging in getting up to speed. I have never seen as big a crowd in Houston Immigration and Customs.
  15. It was like you describe when I flew in on Mar 30.
  16. Suggest you call some real estate offices, like Chapala Coldwell Banker, the sponsor of this board.
  17. Is the Chinese restaurant still open in Joco?
  18. Had 2 pools in my lifetime, both sand filters and NEVER replaced the sand.
  19. We had a good run in Ajijic, 2005-2020. We had often heard that the two primary reasons people moved back NOB were healthcare and grandchildren. Medicare issues kind of force one back to the US at some point. The seemingly out of control development should give people pause. In the last few years it isn't expats but rather Guadalajara (and elsewhere) residents that are scooping up properties. Just look on the chapalamls site and you see ALL of the units in the high-rise in La Floresta are under contract. If there are homes to buy, people will keep coming. Water issues keep cropping up. We had a 50,000 lt ajijibe at our house there. With nothing coming in, even that will go dry.
  20. OK Moderators, lets get all this s#$t cleaned up. Thanks.
  21. As an aside, problems with our on demand water heater greatly diminished after we installed a water softener.
  22. We had Dish for years, first with a receiver piggy backing on our service in the US and here with the large 8 ft sat dish. When we discontinued Dish in the US we continued to have Dish through CP Electronics in Guadalajara. We added a smaller sat dish to get Dish Mexico. Never lost channels and always had good service from CP.
  23. Try the Granary next to Gossips. Lots of spices.
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