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  1. Have you tried the website; scroll down to the bottom of the page. - https://qcdoctors.mx/
  2. INSA Consulting Equipos vs Incendios ,Independencia 153-C, San Antonio Tlayacapan and that is their business
  3. Contact Quality Care and make and appointment; scroll down the home page to find the phone numbers - https://qcdoctors.mx
  4. This was posted on the Beg Barter FB page: Natural Pine Trees / Arbolitos de Navidad Naturales Free Delivery around Lake Chapala y Guadalajara / Entrega a Domicilio Gratis area de Chapala y Guadalajara Pay when you get it / Paga cuando recibes. DOUGLAS 2.00 METROS $2,100.00 DOUGLAS 2.10 METROS $2,300.00 DOUGLAS 2.20 METROS $2,500.00 DOUGLAS 2.30 METROS $2,700.00 NORMANN 2.00 METROS $2,800.00 NORMANN 2.40 METROS $3,100.00 NORMANN 2.60 METROS $3,500.00 • Tarjeta de Crédito desde cargo inmediato y hasta 3 MSI • Tarjeta de Débito • Depósito Bancario • Transferencia Electrónica • Pago en Efectivo Depositos: (con y sin Factura) CUENTA SANTANDER Roma Productos de Valor Agregado SAS de CV Cuenta: 65507669031 CLABE: 0143-2065-5076-6903-16 RFC: RPV190903AX4 Please send a WhatsApp 33 29382375 Por Favor mande un WhatApp 33 29382675
  5. Look for places far away from churches, event centres, bars/cantinas, some businesses then you can find 'relatively' quiet but you will always have people yelling, working (with and without loud music), animals (birds, dogs, chickens, cats, donkeys, horses, cows), vehicle traffic/jake brakes. Some gated communities may be quieter but it would depend where they are located. Each area has it's own unique sounds, after eight years I notice when there isn't much noise (usually early on a Sunday morning or day after a festival). We spent several weeks walking around different neighborhoods at different times of the day to get a 'feel'. You also need to remember that what your 'normal' life is NOB is NOT what your 'normal' life will be here. If you are a social butterfly and need your nightlife then Ajijic would be better where you didn't have to drive much or far to be social.
  6. Melody Hancock you are asking for trouble. Mexicans are a very polite people however they DO NOT like gringos poking their nose into their business. Don't be surprised if there is retaliation. Maybe not today, or tomorrow but it will come.
  7. week to 10 days (depending on the specialist); $800-1200 pesos/visit; sometimes if you are a returning patient, the consultation cost will go down. Most specialists will want specific tests done which will increase the cost and wait time.
  8. Well he did state "Due to my hearing problem and ignorance," ..... may dementia should be added.
  9. Maybe Lydia(?) at Lake Care has a resource for you. I know they have a store front in Riberas (mall close to Hospital San Antonio).
  10. I've had 2 young guys show up after I called, however one of them I recognized from previous deliveries as a helper (i.e. drag the hose). They were driving a Los Altoss truck so I didn't think much of it.
  11. You may want to contact Quality Care. I know they have a gastroenterologist that comes on Tuesdays but he (Daniel Briseno) may be able to suggest a hepatologist in GDL. Other options may be to call Hospital San Antonio, Hospital Ajijic or Riberas Medical Centre to see if they can provide any names.
  12. Arco Iris aka Hibiscus tree; yes the flowers do change color and you can see many of the lakeside some of which are quite huge. As they are deciduous they may shed leaves and certainly flowers.
  13. Remember to that each January the amount required to apply for permanent or temporary status go up. They are tied to the wage rate. Also check the requirements at different consulates, sometimes they can vary.
  14. Call Dr. Cristina Barreto @ Mojo Dental 376 688 2731. She brought in an excellent surgeon to excise a multi-rooted molar. Might have been Dra Gabriela Cardenas Cordova 33-34-85-95-67
  15. Beware, plumbago "Plumbago auriculata irritates skin, irritates eyes, is harmful if ingested, causes an upset stomach and toxins are absorbed by the skin. Its fruit, bark, pollen, seeds, roots, seed capsules, foliage and sap are toxic." Heard of people suffering 'burns' where the sap has touched their skin.
  16. Perhaps you meant "WITHOUT" permission. There was a post on FB about the nursery being removed due to it's location being on Federal Land.
  17. You could try prasad, on the lateral near Telmex in Ajijic. I know he carries Tumeric but not sure about the pepper additive.
  18. Generally it is 3.5% but could be negotiated down a little; that is the rate that each broker side would get (buyer and seller), the buying & selling agents would get a portion of the commission.
  19. Wasn't it Bienestar that was handling vaccinations in Jalisco https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/refrencia-faq/bienestar
  20. Please read chapalence's comment. Based on the OP's initial statement, they are NOT a new member, just asking the same/similar question under a different name to see if it illicits a different response. "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."
  21. Contact their real estate agent, Shelley at Chapala Realtors she likely has a contact phone number. It is possible their house sale hasn't closed yet; Lori is also on FB I have sent her your message. I believe they went to Tallahassee, FL
  22. David is the name of the Office Manager at the Chapala Haciendas fracc; "Eric Blair" aka "Clueless" is David Greenstein.
  23. Then you were lucky; I saw people being rejected (turned away to get the proper form, then back to the end of the line) during the first, second and booster shot for not having the new CURP form. Lots of whining, crying, 'nobody told me' and 'its on the back of my status card, isn't that enough'.
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