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  1. Don't know about bizarres but bazaar sales are often posted on FB.
  2. Have you checked out this video? You may already have an RFC #.
  3. Did you check with their other location? the west ajijic location # is 376 766 3399
  4. Most of us are retired, have no significant income to pay down a mortgage and have divested ourselves of assets outside of MX, so our need for mortgages is low to non-existent. Mortgages are available however, I understand interest rates can be quite high; https://mexlend.com/mortgages/ https://timothyrealestategroup.com/mortgages/
  5. There seem to be specific individuals that can obtain birth certificates. Check these links. You may need to find someone in Pennsylvania to do this for you then have them send it to you. Looks like you can order a birth certificate on line. https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/certificates/Pages/Birth-Certificates.aspx Getting it apostilled might be a problem. https://www.dos.pa.gov/OtherServices/Certifications_Apostilles/Pages/How-Do-I-Obtain-an-Apostille-or-Certification.aspx
  6. 1. Francisco Javier Gutierrez, Realprosmx 33 1711 6040 2. Zurich
  7. Did you ask them? or ask your agent. Each agency could differ in their practices.
  8. saw this post today "Do you want to get your dog to or from the US? Puerto Vallarta Pet Transporter is here to help! We provide ground transportation to the US for dogs and cats. Our trips are safe, fun, and we treat your pet as our own. We currently have a sale on northbound trips to fill our last remaining summer spots. Don’t delay!"
  9. Probably not; I've seen scorpions in burrows under ground. Now if you have to dig up your yard to create your low maintenance version you may disturb them.
  10. Apparently it has a new menu and new chef (in the last month).
  11. Check Gourmet Garage; if they don't have it perhaps they can order it for you.
  12. Since the local wildlife rescue closed, I'm not sure if there is anyone around anymore. Most mexicans will kill snakes regardless if they are harmless or not. Unfortunately without proper identification as whether it is venomous or not it will be tough to get someone. I believe the nearest wildlife rescue is in Tlaquapaque. Not sure if the bomberos would tackle snake wrangling.
  13. There is a Ready to Rent / Idealease and Super Rent in GDL.
  14. Do a search for "chiropractor" recommendations there.
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