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  1. Vehicle Nationalization at Laredo border 2018

    I’ve scanned and read past posts on this board about vehicle nationalization.

    I would like to post this topic again to gain a better understanding.  I am a bit concerned about this endeavor.  If anyone has nationalized their car recently, it would be great to hear about your experience and advice.

    I know it is a huge hassle to nationalize a California plated car but my 2004 Honda has really low miles and is reliable so I want to nationalize my vehicle.

    I am now permanente and need to drive the 2004 Honda to Laredo.

    1.  Where do I attain a temporary permit locally (Lakeside) or in Guadalajara to drive my insured car to Laredo?

    2. Where do I go to draft a document that will permit my Mexican friend to drive my insured California plated car with me in the car?

    3.  I understand the drive to Laredo is about 12 hours.  Is there a recommended route or half way point hotel to stay in?  I am in favor of toll roads. Is there a hotel in Laredo that is recommended?

    4.  Once at the Laredo border I understand I have to work with a broker both to import and export my California plated (no overdue registration fees as the vehicle has had a non operation status.).   Can someone describe their experience or recommend a broker?  

    5.  Online on blogs I have seen that cars over 10 years old may not be imported, however I have spoken to a broker and that person said for an added fee the vehicle can be nationalized.  Anyone have real experience nationalizing a older vehicle in 2018?

    6.  I am not certain if my Mexican friend can accompany me.  If you are a lady and need to cross the border for temporal status requirements, please personal message me.
    7.  Any other input that is helpful is greatly appreciated.  Thanks 🙏.

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