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  1. If you just need a refill on current prescription, Costco. Includes free eye exam, if desired.


    Contact lenses in Mexico are about 30% cheaper than in the U.S. (Walgreens, etc.)

    They also didn't seem to be too concerned about having a current prescription.

    I handed them the old box, and they gave me the same prescription. They occasionally have sales,

     some advertised, some only in-store. For more compicated vision issues, Dr. Pinto


  2. Sunnyvmx

    Puricenter is the local water purifier and delivery service in San Juan Cosala.

    You can visit them and pick up your own at their purification/refilling location

    which is on De Cardenal (The North/South street at the traffic light) They are 1/2 

    block south of the plaza on the west side of the street. Picked up price is 11 pesos.

    Or you can call them and they will deliver. I think the delivered price is 14 pesos.

    Info, including phone, can be found here:


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