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  1. You could have easily looked it up yourself if it really makes a difference to you whether Walgreen's sells contacts or not, rather than challenge a statement I made, but apparently that would be too much to ask, so here, I did it for you. https://www.walgreens.com/store/c/contact-lenses/ID=359432-tier2clense
  2. If you just need a refill on current prescription, Costco. Includes free eye exam, if desired. http://www.costco.com.mx/view/c/joyas-y-ropa/optica/lentes-de-contacto?showAll=true Contact lenses in Mexico are about 30% cheaper than in the U.S. (Walgreens, etc.) They also didn't seem to be too concerned about having a current prescription. I handed them the old box, and they gave me the same prescription. They occasionally have sales, some advertised, some only in-store. For more compicated vision issues, Dr. Pinto http://www.chapala.com/pintooptica.html
  3. Sunnyvmx Puricenter is the local water purifier and delivery service in San Juan Cosala. You can visit them and pick up your own at their purification/refilling location which is on De Cardenal (The North/South street at the traffic light) They are 1/2 block south of the plaza on the west side of the street. Picked up price is 11 pesos. Or you can call them and they will deliver. I think the delivered price is 14 pesos. Info, including phone, can be found here: http://www.siem.gob.mx/siem/portal/consultas/ced_empresa.asp?siem_id=2815306&cadenas=0
  4. Zeb, What full gym membership with indoor pool costs less than $21 per month ? I'd like to sign up.
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