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  1. Yes. Basically, I use both, depending what they have.
  2. I have resigned to using Amazon. Not much choice here Lakeside.
  3. I used their online help chat. You have an option for English.
  4. Just talked to them. They estimated 2-3 hours until fixed.
  5. My FOB still works for my BBVA Debit account. Even though the technology seems very outdated.
  6. Manny (Don't Bug Me) Castañeda Arteo Fumigations (331) 341-4628 arteofumigaciones@gmail.com
  7. Greg is on a short vacation. Should be back in a week or so.
  8. They seem to have their act together much better than iLox.
  9. How did you contact them to order their service?
  10. They can always add another traffic light! 😉
  11. Oh no! So sad. He was our favorite driver 😞
  12. Herd mentality. Can also apply to the stock market.
  13. That's what I use. Transfer is complete within an hour or so.
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