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    Scuba diving spear fishing and catching lobsters give me a rush and dinner. I compete my Belgian Malinois, Grand Champion Element's Wind Song CD RE, in several disciplines. She started agility 5 months ago and is already going over agility trial champions. I use to fly a Cherokee 180 that I sold several years ago. I was an actress in community theater for several years. Perhaps my greatest adventure has been being foster mom to my lovely daughter, Lise.

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  1. I just had a contractor seal my roof with Fester. We discussed putting down a layer of Fester, then membrano, then another layer of Fester. He neglected to use membrano, and instead used only one layer of Fester. I even did the worst places myself to show him how I wanted it done. He put down something that looked like a thin brushed on layer of a concrete looking product in some places. What are the consequences?
  2. The doctor who was treating me with chelation stopped coming to Ajijic from Zapopan when the delta variant hit. I've driven to his Guadalajara office three times. It's a problem. Does anybody know of a doctor lakeside who is doing IV chelation?
  3. Who has the best price for a head ct lakeside?
  4. Can I please have an update on the location.
  5. Handy Mail's price is three thousand pesos to clean your septic tank.
  6. What documents are needed and where do I go in Chapala to register a used horse trailer made and purchased in Mexico?
  7. Deleted! This web site is so full of nasty responses, I hate to post here.
  8. Can anybody guide me as to where to buy 6 six volt deep cell batteries for my golf cart? The local LTH in Riberas is not interested in my business enough to give me a fare price.
  9. I took the oath of citizenship yesterday.
  10. It got the call this morning to go get my papers. I was so excited and my hearing is so bad that I was a bit un-clear. I'm pretty sure she said that I don't need an appointment. Just go to SRE between 8:00 and 1:00 Monday through Thursday. Wait! You said INE, not SRE. Are they in the same building? And Where do I get my new CURP. I'm sorry for all the questions. I so appreciate the guidance you invested your time to give me.
  11. Thank so much for your kind response, paisano.
  12. Thanks so much your your response. Was your citizenship document mailed to you?
  13. How long after the SRE web site tells you that your documents have been issued, does it take for them to reach your hands? Soy una orgullosa mujer Mexicana!
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