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  1. I've done research on building a custom home, somewhat upscale and I've received from 6,000 to 9,000 Pesos per m2. A good average would be around 8,000 Pesos m2. These do not include appliances, solar panels, pool or anything very fancy. Another issue is cost of land. It's NOT cheap. Price will depend on view, which town, which development, etc. If you have a nice view, you'll pay between 2,000 to 3,500 Pesos m2.
  2. We're buying a pool cover from a couple who no longer have a pool Now we're just waiting for the sun to do its job. Thanks for all the input.
  3. We have a 10' x 30' rectangular pool and need a cover for it. We finally put in solar panels and as soon as CFE decides to change our meter, we'll be able to afford to put the pool pump on for a lot more time per day to heat up the water. I've seen older threads on people looking for pool covers and some of you resorted to buying them in the US. We're Canadians so it's not so easy, I presume. We don't plan on going to the US other than going through, to get to Canada and that won't be for a while for sure. Did anyone find a supplier of QUALITY pool covers either Lakeside or in Guadalajara? I know there was talk of 15 mil covers. We'd appreciate your input. Thanks
  4. Wow, 300 p is expensive in my view. I came here to save money, not spend more.
  5. Can you please tell me what she charges for just a cut?
  6. I got some nice pulls and handles at the Prisa store today. When I went today, I remembered that this was the store I went to before, my mistake.
  7. I don't know where the Prisa paint store or Intercam are. Could you elaborate please?
  8. We're having some cabinets made by a local carpenter and we want to select our our pulls and handles, Lakeside. Last January, I bought some hardware for other pieces of furniture and was satisfied. I can't remember the store name but it was a ferretería and I'd be able to find it. It's in Ajijic, mountain side of the Carratera, past the downtown core. I'm looking for other places with even more selection, if there are any, with brushed chrome or nickel hardware would be nice. Thanks
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