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  1. honey bee and others, i will be needing to move into a smaller and cheaper place. i am a minimalist and am comfortable with the mexican peoples. my biggest dread is NOISE ! $200 with kitchen sounds good. how do i contact you honey bee ? i am just beginning my search.
  2. ok, so i need to renew before 3/2020. are you sayin' there is a service from lakeside to that office now and then ? nothing comes up for that website . also, this will be my 3rd renewal. will i need to do an actual driving test ??
  3. feral mother left them as tiny kitty's in my truck a couple years back. they are fixed and great mousers. my future is uncertain so i would like them to have a new home. they are happy brothers . my no. is 376 106 0673. bill
  4. we shall see won't we !? i'm down. i read that the brits are going to generate some civil unrest to gain some attention to the subject in april. i am too fearful of mexican authorities to pull off any stunts however. to be honest i consider the mexican police closer to a criminal agency. may the cosmos have mercy on us all.
  5. i've got a full tank, 3 people, 4 cyl. standard trans. and some business to do in barra de navidad tomorrow eve. does any one know the gas situation in colima and or manzanillo at this time ?
  6. ran into a fella distributing business cards for Cremaciones de Chapala.....are these folks on the level ? reputation ? history ? TIA
  7. looking for an honest local moving service, any tips. TIA
  8. gotta say....thank goodness for chapala.com....without which my transplant may have proved too much. now let's see....where was i ......?
  9. has anyone seen my stolen cream colored BRONCO 2 ?? i guess i will be needing a 4cyl beater/fixer. hope this is within protocol.
  10. hi guys, any meetings out there ? also , any alternatives for LANTU$ ?
  11. i have some property just shy of tenacatita about 20 mins. north of melaque. anybody know how far internet access has reached ? how to find out ? TIA
  12. i am a permanent resident. so am i SOL or what would be the alternatives ?
  13. i may be buying a motor home NOB , and am wondering who would know the official regs. for acquiring thee known 10 yr..permit. like required wheelbase. toilet, gross weight or whatever ? TIA VIVA CHAPALA.COM !
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