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  1. If you're on medicare and collecting social security maybe you should shutup about the evils of socialism.
  2. the reputation of Rafael at the carwash in Riberas. He seems like a reputable fellow.
  3. streamtowatch.org is a free sports site. I've watched numerous events and will be getting the UFC payperview fight tonight for free.
  4. We could use a fidde player at Open MIC. La Bodega restaurant Ajijic 5:00 - 7:30 on Wed. and The Patio in Chapala on Thurs. same hours. You'll meet many musicians there.
  5. I brought two craftsman blower down from the states and will sell you one. PM me.
  6. If you want to read the best book on why UFO's appear as they do and whether it is possible within the laws of physics, as we know them, to traverse the distances required for interstellar travel read Identified Flying Objects by Paul Hill. It's is one of the top 2-3 ufo books I've ever read and I've read dozens and dozens. It is recommended by several mainstream scientists. Paul Hill was a physicist who worked for NASA for many years.
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