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  1. I rescued her several months ago and she has been trained at Clicker Pets. The group in Canada pays for the flight. The folks here will pick you up and take you and the dog to the airport. They will get her through customs here and all you do is accompany her through customs in Canada. the folks there will meet you at the airport and take her.

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  2. My neighbor has taken one of them. I still have one who needs a home. We have three dogs and a cat now and have no room for another. This girl is probably 3-4 years old. She is as sweet a dog as I've ever been around. She is house trained and rarely barks, even when our others do. She is smart and already has learned to respond to my whistle in just a couple days. She gets along great with our other dogs and doesn't even notice the cat when she walks past. She is about sixty lbs so would be a great watchdog and companion.


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