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  1. I have bought lamp oil at a store located on the west side of the street just south of where Pedro's Go restaurant is located. They sold a wide variety of cleaning supplies. Not sure if the store is still there.
  2. I've been using the services of David for several years and find him to be an excellent worker. He also has contacts, i.e. plumbers, electricians, etc. who work with him. David is reliable and is punctual and will send a message if he is going to be late. He cleans up each day. He's the best we've found!
  3. IMHO So Chic Boutique is the best in the quality of clothes. I've sold and bought many items there.
  4. Try Ricardo Gonzalez's secretary's cell number. 33-2050-4009. He's in the office Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
  5. Hi Natasha, I have not received your PM. Could you possibly re-send it. I've been having trouble signing into my account but I think it's cleared up now. Thank you.
  6. Rest in Peace, RVGringo. Our condolences to Louise.
  7. Thanks everyone for your suggestions and information.
  8. I did google that but didn't come up with an email address and phone numbers. I did find a CDMX telephone number 55-4631-3608 but it was a recorded message which I did not understand.
  9. I'm looking for directions to the place in El Chante that has paragliding. I did find a website with a telephone number for enquries but it was just a recording which was not helpful. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. We're in a similar boat, Gringal. When we moved here from Canada more than 16 years ago, we applied for private medical insurance but were turned down due to pre-existing conditions. With not having to pay for private insurance, 'NOB' property taxes or heating and air conditioning, we're ahead of the game. We've had several operations/procedures including brain surgery, pacemaker replacement, coronary artery stents (5 for me and 2 for spouse), as well as other operations.
  11. Are they still giving Pfizer vaccines at the University in Guadalajara?
  12. Unfortunately our airline tickets are non-refundable (can't change them either).
  13. I'm hoping under the Essential Travel into the United States that individuals traveling for public health purposes might include obtaining a J&J vaccine.
  14. Thanks for your response, Mostly Lost. However, the article in USA Today is dated July 10, 2020 not 2021 so it doesn't appear to be current news.
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