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  1. Thanks to everyone for their recommendations and tips. I have noted the names and numbers and will follow up. Again, this forum and community are an invaluable resource and I appreciate all of you. Gratefully, pm
  2. There are a lot of Mexicans who feel that way. We will see if there are more that have real hope or not.
  3. For me too CHILLIN! I sense a genuine and positive difference in AMLO. The whole world needs more of them!
  4. Not yet but as soon as I get the chance. I love this country and it's noble and brave history despite it's shortcomings and negatives. Thank you for the information but I was not aware that simply making a comment or having an opinion of the political situation in ones country of residence qualifies as "participation in politics". I understood "participation" as referring to active intervention as in attending rallies, parades, or trying to affect a particular outcome politically, not just airing ones insignificant personal opinion. So this pretends that freedom of speech is only reserved for citizens of Mexico? This is good to know. Always open to a good education. Thank you More Liana.
  5. Forgive me for reviving a locked thread but it was closed before I could offer my "2 cents" and the subject is much too intriguing to allow it to flounder! In the locked thread "Who Is This Guy" regarding AMLO, Mainecoons submits an interesting post making some good points. Among them he ponders how might AMLO deal with the violence and Narco problem? To this I offer a report I recently read on Borderland Beat in which it is alleged that AMLO has offered Dr. Mireles of Autodefensas fame, a senatorial position in his government in the event he wins the upcoming elections, which Dr. Mireles has accepted. I find this proposed alliance fascinating given the fact that the Autodefensas were the only ones to make serious gains against the Narcos in Michoacan and were subsequently disbanded by the Mexican government because of those gains IMO. The Mexican government withdrew the only strategy that was truly having success over the Narco situation in this country. This only makes sense if you consider that the allegations of the Narcos being "in bed" with the Mexican government at the highest levels are true. That the never ending "War" against the Narcos is just theater to distract from and conceal their real alliances. Given AMLO's declaration of cleaning up corruption at all levels of government throughout Mexico and this overtures of support and alliance for/with Dr. Mireles, well, this may very well be an indication on how he plans to deal with the Narco problem Mainecoons. I really think he needs to be given a chance to make the changes he proposes in this country but the powers that be can not afford to give him that chance for obvious reasons. Only speculation on my part of course. pm
  6. Hello Alan, Certainly not if AMLO gets in. But didn't the Congress lobbied by the PRI and Peña Nieto open up some sectors of Pemex to free market contractual bidding a couple years back that resulted in the dramatic jump in gasoline prices that we were all bitching about? My take on that was is was a first step in opening the door to the privatization of Pemex. I'd be interested in getting your opinion on this being that you also have married into the culture and have the benefit of that perspective. I know too little of what really is going on, don't trust much of what I read and hear and base much of my conclusions on my own speculations and perceptions of what might really be going on. I'm open to your opinion and to be educated on this subject. Thank you! pm
  7. Isn't this a result of the privatization process of Pemex initiated by the Peña Nieto regime?
  8. Thank you CharlieG. Before moving any further, you might communicate with bmh if you haven't already. Their, along with Lexy's experiences have convinced me that I need to keep searching for a urologist. Best of luck to you! pm
  9. Greetings Lakeside Community! Hoping you can help me once again. Does anyone know of an excellent Urologist(s) between Chapala and Jocotepec and have contact information for them? I'm in need of one and return to the lake in May and would like to set up an appointment ahead of time. Thanks to everyone! pm
  10. Always taken my US based Capital One Visa there too. Never a problem.
  11. Thank you Angus! Just to make sure I'm not completely confused; Laguna Mall is the one across from Walmart in Ajijic correct? Thanks! pm
  12. We are currently State side and our AT&T service runs out shortly. I've read here that there is a main office at the mall across from Walmart? If this is true, exactly where is it? I know of the Telcel office but have never seen the AT&T office there. We signed up with Alejandro out of the small office in Chapala couple years back. My understanding is that he is no longer an employee of AT&T because of improprieties? If someone could be so kind as to confirm the location of the main office in Ajijic, we would be grateful. Thank you! pm
  13. I told them I'd exclusively be using the card in Mexico. For years my wife has used it here to withdraw funds I deposit for her into account while I'm working in US. Never had a problem or question. It is the account I'll use when I finally completely retire and have SS direct deposited to it. I think the only equivalent is the Capital One online account?
  14. Thank you both! We will visit the Chapala office first and if they don't issue it there, onward to Guad I guess. Grateful for the help! pm
  15. We are in need of a "Carta or Certificado de No Antecedentes Penales" for US immigration purposes. This is a certificate of a clear legal record in Mexico. Immigration claims they are to be applied for from the "Mexican State Police". Are there any State Police offices Lakeside or is this a drive to Guad? Many thanks!
  16. Thank you for taking the time to contribute here SMUNOZAM! I will look into all of your suggestions. No conosco Merida, el ultimo hogar de Pedro Infante. Un dia quiero investigar su rumbo. Entiendo que es una ciudad colonial muy bonita. Gracias de nuevo y le regreso saludos del lago! pedro malo
  17. Oooo, you could have had something very valuable there had they not been tampered with. I assume they are display legal since they are non-functioning but don't know for sure. I've been to restaurants in Mexico that have old shotguns and Mexican Mausers hanging on walls. Assume that is the same situation. Boy, if they were mine I'd be investigating how best to restore them. Doesn't take too much heat to melt lead......... Bad idea though since then they might not be legal anymore, but worth a ton of money if not damaged too much.
  18. Thank you for clarifying the facts and for bringing up this topic again. These have been the most informative posts on this subject so far. I bookmarked the Mexicoarmado website, no idea this existed in Mexico. I'm an avid collector of rare firearms, most of which would never be allowed in Mexico and will eventually have to liquidated. I do have a couple pieces that I'd love to hang on to and if possible, import to Mexico. One is an old S&W Target Master in .38 special with the 6" barrel and target hammer and trigger from the mid-50's. It was my uncle's pistol and the very first pistol I shot as a kid so it has considerable sentimental value. Will play it by ear I guess. The military gun store came up the last time this subject was raised but I don't remember anyone commenting on having bought there. Remember Spencer was looking into the law on importing personal firearms from the US. Are you saying it can be done with a Mexican permit costing $4000 pesos? I can understand that coordinating with Aduanas could be an issue but why would ATF be involved? Why would they even have to know if you took your favorite piece with you and crossed into Mexico? As long as you satisfy Mexican law, what do they care if a gun leaves the US? Again, thanks for starting this topic anew and for the additional info provided by you and vetteforron! Hope someone will eventually buy and share their experience from the military gun store. In the meantime, any posts regarding this topic will always be welcomed by myself.
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