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  1. Sorry about the "jab" ComputerGuy but I just couldn't resist the opportunity to promote the "cheap Canadian" stereotype. As I mentioned to johanson, I actually feel 15% is fair. Tongue in cheek, no offense meant.
  2. Thanks for chiming in compadre johanson! It might just be more of a Port Townsend/Olympic Peninsula thing? Doubling the tax has been the norm here for at least 30 years and as our sales tax has increased, so has the tip amount. Now when you visit venues you are presented with an iPad for credit card purchase with the recommended tip of "20%" suggested on the payment page almost everywhere we go. You can then adjust it upward or downward. Was recently in an Olive Garden in Silverdale and was presented with the same iPad recommending the same 20% tip. I think 15% is actually fair and is what we paid for many years when our sales tax was under 8%. But now everyone seems to expect the 20% which jives with the increase in our sales tax. I think they are just greedier here on the Peninsula and Port Townsend has always been a bit overpriced as a tourist destination/trap. I rarely make it to Seattle so I don't know what the tip expectations are there.
  3. Here in the great State of Washington it's customary to tip 20% plus. The rule here for years has been you double the sales tax for the tip amount which averages a little over 20%. Going by this, the cheap Canadian "myth" is not so much a myth after all!
  4. California along with half of Mexico's landmass was stolen for the US the year before the great "Gold Rush" of 1849. No doubt that the finding of gold factored into the theft. That gold paid for the United States' industrial/economic explosion and advancement. Mexicans in possession of the most valuable lands were forced off and if they refused to leave, were burned out and killed. There are thousands of documented accounts of this. Along the southern border, the Texas Rangers were formed just for this purpose as a paramilitary force to remove "stubborn" Mexican landowners. Thousands were murdered and raped in the second of America's "Ethnic Cleansing's".
  5. Your right More Liana. Telemundo reports that many have arrived in Tijuana today/yesterday and are being rejected by some of the local population while others offering support. Think there is fear that Tijuana will become their true end point and a burden on the city. Hope you realize my post was mostly tongue in cheek.
  6. Any recommendations on secure banks in the Lakeside area for checking/savings paying these kinds of returns? Or what kind of investment is paying this return? So far I have no bank account in Mexico but this might be wrong minded? Been using Schwab and withdrawing using ATM up until now. Not very investment savvy I'm afraid…………...
  7. Thanks for mentioning the blood thinners mudgirl, very important to keep in mind if you catch it. You reminded me of the chills! Was at the onset. Went from feeling fine to sudden chills. Crawled into bed with blankets on and could not get warm and just shivered uncontrollably for a couple hours. It was 95 degrees with at least that in humidity in Zihau at the time and felt like I was freezing. Don't remember about the loss of appetite but I did loose about 15 pounds in 2 weeks. My wife has had both Dengue and Chinkungunia and says Dengue does not even come close to the pain of the later. She still get relapsing symptoms after 4 years and says Dengue is nothing in comparison.
  8. The "Invaders" aren't scheduled to reach the border for another month or so (by foot) so as long as you are not a brown skinned undocumented Honduran heading north throwing dirt clods, you shouldn't be affected at all.
  9. I agree with CHILLIN about CS from personal experience regardless of orthodox medicine's claim of "lack of proof of effectiveness". I developed a chronic case of ulcerative colitis about 18 years ago and was prescribed 400mg of Aminosalicylic Acid - 5-ASA 6 times per day by one of the leading gastrointerologist in the Seattle area. At 5 dollars a pill, it was expensive for me. I was on the treatment for about a year and at best, it reduced the severity of the symptoms but never eliminated them. Those who are familiar with UC know that it is a terrible thing to deal with and you can't be more than 5 seconds away from a toilet. The constant "accidents" are horrendous and got into the habit of just throwing my pants away instead of trying to clean the bloody messes. A friend recommended CS and though skeptical, decided to give it a try since I had nothing to loose. I started mega-dosing the substance, about 1/2 gallon per day of a solution made at a concentration of 10 parts per million. After about 2 weeks the UC just disappeared. I also tapered myself off of the 5-ASA during that time and was completely off of the meds by that time as well. I've never again had a flareup or symptoms of any kind of. I still do about a week of CS maintenance per year and have continued with my yearly colonoscopies and my Gastro continues to tell me that "it is not possible to cure UC" but after 15 symptom free years of "all clear" colonoscopies, he now doubts his original diagnosis. Anecdotal coincidence? Placebo effect? Who the f*%# cares! It's gone and went away while taking CS. I caught Dengue in Zihuatanejo many years ago. Agreed, worst I've ever felt. The first couple of days were unbearable. Remember that my body weight pressing on the bed was painful and even the sheets lying on my skin hurt. Remember wishing to be suspended in the air looking for some relief from the body pain. Took me about 2 months to get back to normal and didn't have a way to mega dose the silver while in Mexico so don't know if it would have made a difference or not. Dengue was confirmed by a visit to a SP hospital in Puerto Vallarta about a week into the symptoms when my body became covered with red spots/rash.
  10. Dear Community, This is an inspiring documentary of the life and career of AMLO from his humble roots to present. For those who understand Spanish. Hope you enjoy. pm
  11. That's what I'll do too, thanks Mainecoons. Yes, that's what I meant too, horrible construction. Though the shifting ground under Joco may be a contributing factor. Berrymex/Driscoll is draining the water table and the town is twisting and sinking all over the place. My own house has suddenly developed cracks after 10 years of absolutely no problems. A couple I can follow from my house, up and down the perimeter wall, across the street and up a neighbors wall in a perfectly direct line. May need to tear the place down at some point but hope it stabilizes. So way off topic here as usual for me so this will be my last post on this topic. Again, thanks to all for their helpful and constructive comments and sorry for jumping to conclusions. pm
  12. I stand corrected pappy! My statement was made on a not clearly thought out false assumption. That you guys are snowbirds like myself. Mainecoons pointed out my error with his response (much more gently than you did might I add). Of course the majority of you are full timers and wouldn't necessarily be updated on the new layout and I don't understand why that didn't "click" for me at the time, so again, I apologize. I'm getting old too. By the way, thanks for the tip on the cable car! Will cancel my ride and take advantage of it. How exciting! But seriously pappy, I appreciate your well deserved comments. My mistake. pm
  13. You are right and I apologize to those who viewed before you for whom that was the case. Thanks for the additional details. I can picture the layout thanks to your detailed description. Son-in-law coming for me and he's never been to our airport. Seems like "improvements with faults" are a particular characteristic of projects designed and engineered in Mexico. Our Joco libramiento comes to mind. In stark contrast, I'm reminded of driving on Hitler's old Autobahns in the former East Germany some 70 years after they were built, all original, unmaintained and driving under overpassed that can only be described as works of art carved out of granite. It was breathtaking engineering with concrete roadbed that barely showed wear with the passage of time. Don't expect to find anything like that in Mexico nor anywhere else for that matter. Thank you again Maincoons.
  14. Thank you Mainecoons, can always count on you to be helpful! What surprises me are the twenty something views of folks here before you graciously offered me this information, that did not bother to comment. Are all of them not familiar with the current airport layout? You'd think at least a few of them have been there since the remodel but couldn't be bothered with a reply? Seems to me this is what's wrong with our world, so many self-absorbed people that can't be bothered to be helpful. Makes me that much more grateful to those that do. Thanks again Maincoons. I should just shut up, give the benefit of the doubt and be grateful that someone replied! The remodel sounds like an improvement. pm
  15. Hello Everyone, I've not flown into the Guad airport since before the remodel/new construction. Coming in a couple weeks and need to give pick up instruction. Wondering if anyone can tell me if the traffic lanes directly in front of airport are the same and more importantly, if the little OXXO/grocery store that was directly in front of airport still there? Thank you all for your help! pm
  16. Has there been any progress on investigating the legal questions involved in importing personally owned, legal calibers from US to Mexico?
  17. It is a criminal record background check (for Jalisco?). Had to get one for my wife for visa to immigrate to US last June. It's at the main Federal Building (SRE) on Alcalde a few blocks past the cathedral on the right side of the street as you drive north. Can't remember which floor but ask the information attendant before entering the building. We went early and were among the first to enter when they opened the office. Line behind us formed rapidly. Took 3 minutes, checking ID on computer and taking a digital photo and printing it up as we waited. Easy, fast and cheap.
  18. I know you can do this NOB but are you suggesting this is the case in Mexico as well? I think I heard that you must hire someone trustworthy to go to the plant and personally witness and confirm they are mixing the ratio you are paying for. Was wondering if anyone in MEXICO has had experience with this? Thank you. pm
  19. Thank you for the information RV. This is very helpful. Do you think that batch plants in Mexico can be trusted to provide truck fulls of the desired mix ratios for a strong concrete? Should one hire a contractor who will go to the plant and confirm what is being ordered is delivered? Thanks again!
  20. Thanks RV. So are you saying that with the standard bags of CEMEX cement with clean silica sand and gravel in the appropriate rations, that 3000 and 4000 psi concrete can be achieved?
  21. Hello CHILLIN, Do you or anyone know if it is possible to find a grade of cement in Mexico to be able to achieve a M15 or M20 grade of concrete (3000psi & 4000psi respectively)? I've never seen concrete so soft as here in Mexico. I've already noted a company you recommended for clean aggregate some years back. Thank you!
  22. I was looking at some property in San Juan some years back on their water front street (properties on lake side of street were lake front lots). I notice a manhole cover open and raw stinking sewage with all the disgusting chunks of fecal matter and paper that one might imagine, gushing at a considerable volume and pressure, streaming down one of the side alleys directly into the lake. That answered the swimming question for me! pm
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