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  1. Thank you so much for your experiences and especially for the hospital link Ferret! My wife will be so pleased she doesn't have to venture into Guadalajara for this. As always, such a wonderful resource this community is!
  2. Is there anywhere Lakeside where one could have a CT Scan taken or is this a Guadalajara go to? Thank you!
  3. This seems to be a common practice among students here in Mexico. My wife was on a bus between Zihuatanejo and Acapulco when it was taken over by students. Passengers were put out along the side of the road to fend for themselves and to figure out how to make it to their destination. A stupid, selfish and inconsiderate practice and we all know that stupid gets you killed in Mexico. They sure did pay for it in Iguala.
  4. This is what must have happened in our situation using Sellacril?
  5. Mudgirl is right! I used Sellacril after being told it was the best thing ever and it didn't last a week before starting to peel in sheets. I would stay away from anything acrylic based on those tiles.
  6. Yes! These are the kind of posts that make this forum an indispensable and valuable resource! Makes it worth putting up with the worthless babble of a few bored retired folks. More of this please and thank you!
  7. Bisbee Gal, thank you for this! Had no idea all this was required being that we have not traveled since the start of Covid. The community has been most helpful as always! Thank you all!
  8. That makes total sense, thank you again Mostlylost!
  9. johanson, aren't you Seattle based in the US or am I thinking of rvgringo? That would make Alaska the airline of choice most likely? Like us, we live in Port Townsend when in US and the best airline for us is Alaska.
  10. Thank you johanson and Mostlylost (sure can relate to your handle!). So they should be screening this at the airport before getting on the plane? I assumed they'd screen on landing in the US but I guess that doesn't make sense. Imagine the throngs of arriving Covid infected people already on the ground in the US. What to do with them? Makes more sense not to allow them on the plane in the first place. Thank you both!
  11. In case I missed this discussion here already, anyone know where we can go to be Covid tested before bordering plane to US? I know they require a negative result for entry into the US. Just don't know where it is offered on demand Lakeside? Thank you all! pm
  12. I can't say with absolute certainty but I doubt it. How do you enforce a US document in Mexico? A Mexican Will might be better suited?
  13. Most certainly, like they do here in Joco. Un-helmeted mom and dad with 2 little ones wedged between them blasting down the streets "a toda maquina"! Crazy! A few months ago the owner of the best tacos in Joco crashed his bike which split him in half. He lay on the street with spilt viscera waiting for over an hour for the "bomberos" to arrive. First person on the scene and who called the bomberos said he was conscious and talking for quite some time but finally bled out. Talk about terrible! I can't figure out why the bomberos took theirs sweet time! There are 2 or 3 ambulances parked at the clinic that they never seem to want to use. And they appear to be in good functioning condition. Guess they don't want to get them dirty? I hear the Cruz Roja in Chapala is top not notch though. Just don't have an accident in Joco I guess the is lesson here. Life doesn't seem to have too much value here sometimes. One of the drawbacks of living here.
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