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  1. Zeb

    The site is not working correctly.  I am replying within the person's post or individually and it is not posting.

  2. Like most threads Eric starts this has strayed badly off topic. Closed and locked.
  3. Eric, if you are going to continue to give people updates on every aspect of your life, you have to expect people to tell you they don’t care. You are the one that’s being abusive here.
  4. There is no need for this childish behavior. Consider yourself warned.
  5. There is no need to disagree. If one of you would like to report the Federal stats and one to report the State stats I would be happy to give you each a separate pined thread. That way we can all easily follow the progression of COVID from both reporting sources. I do appreciate that Mostlylost is going out of his way to do this and would hope Bisbee Gal would join in the effort.
  6. I have done this to make them easy to find. Please allow only Mostlylost to post there so the the thread will contain only official statistics not comments.
  7. You should know better. Reporting of crimes is not permitted on the board.
  8. It seems to me pol2sol just joined the game. He makes some very valid points and your post is unnecessarily critical. Behave!
  9. It was probably not because you made a snarky comment about a certain malaria drug. If you were serious about sharing information you you might have appealed to a wider audience by leaving out the snarky comment. But that is beside the point. I would hope you could see that what you have done here suggesting the CBD might be a good way to prevent or reduce the symptoms of COVID is no more than valid than what Trump has done in recommend some of his possible cures. I would have given him, or Biden, the same admonition. Leave the medical advice to the medical professionals.
  10. Please don’t give medical advise if you are not qualified.
  11. I don’t understand the point of the majority of your posts. This board is not your personal diary for you to ramble on about your life. Would you please consider using Facebook for that?
  12. And this is the second unnecessary critical comment you have made today. Take a break, please.
  13. If someone tries to make this political, I’ll ban them for life. June 3
  14. Ferret, I am not trying to defend a position here just attempting to protect those who seek information on this board from misinformation. The OP suggested antioxidants as a way to help prevent and treat COVID-19. It is not. As you usually are, you are correct in your assertion that most people are deficient in Mg and D3. Neither are antioxidants. Additionally, research suggests that dietary supplements are no substitute for a healthy diet. As a moderator I hope I hope I have made my point and it would be inappropriate for me to comment further.
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