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  1. Thank you everybody for your kind help! I was feeling desperate. Thank you Barb for getting me in touch with Jackie. Wonderful work she is doing. But woke up this morning with kitty snuggled up to my neck and knew I couldn’t leave him behind. Going to be a lot of work but he’s coning to Canada with us! Hoping my old cat Daisy will be stand in Mom. Thank you everybody but special thanks to Barb and Jackie.
  2. I have cats and a dog and I would love to keep him. But I live in Canada and I’m heading back Thursday. He’s too young to have the shots needed and I’m barely able to deal with myself at this age. Feeling so overwhelmed right now. No way I can just put him back on street he’s scared and crying not long away from mama I think. I know all about overcrowded shelters. I’m in bit of panic. Anyone can help this little fellow?
  3. Thank you. I did call them was told the main person was away till Monday but they were pretty full.
  4. What can I do with this cute black six week old kitten. Arrived on our door two days ago crying and hungry. Im leaving for Canada in less than week. He’s very sweet but still crying for his mama or? Are there shelters are foster care here? Can anybody help me please. I can’t just turf him into street. He’s eating and safe now but what can I do? I’m in the village.
  5. This six week old male kitten was between our metal gate and entry door We’d evening around 8pm. Crying his heart out and is still crying for his mama I think. Kitty is with me and safe but I leave in a week would like to find his owner any help appreciated.
  6. Last night about 8pm we found tiny black kitten in our front entrance. I think someone might have put him inside the metal gate. He was screaming and shaking. Scared. I’m in the village and not sure what to do. I’m certain not from this neighbourhood. Poor kitty is safe now but very scared and crying for mama I think.
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