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  1. I drove around Guadalajara every day for ten years,got pulled over a few times due to the NOB plates,handed the copy of Articulo 106 that I kept in the glove box to the transitos and federales and that sufficed,
  2. I've heard good reviews from friends of mine about the Hospital Militar in Guadalajara,I have never been there,has anyone on this board had any experience with them?
  3. Hey Pedro.

    How is it possible that not a single Canadian team qualified to play in the Stanley Cup tournament this year??

  4. Were they US passports,is it legal to carry multiple US passports?
  5. Wow! 25 pesos a year! And here I've filling out forms,waiting in line at the INM and paying thousands of pesos every year in order to comply with Mexican immigration laws...
  6. Age discrimination definetly does exist in Mexico, ask any Mexican trying to get a job after they're 50 years old.
  7. Actually they do,on a regular basis, but they have to be notified by someone to the emergency.
  8. Second Kiko's recommendation,I like the Mazamitla to La Manzanilla de la Paz route.
  9. Nobody in Guadalajara drinks unfiltered tap water,not even poor people,they buy garrafones,unless they want "tripas torcidas". "Do you realize that flouridation is the most monstrously concieved and dangerous communist plot we have ever had to face?" General Jack D Ripper.
  10. In Guadalajara Santorini and Agua Ciel both charge 28 pesos per garrafon,I get mine filled up around the corner for 10 pesos.
  11. The last governor of Jalisco (Panista) tried to donate 60,000,000 pesos of the peoples money for the construction of that church. He got raked over the coals for that asinine idea and rightfully so.
  12. I wouldn't be too harsh on Calles,the Catholic church had a well deserved reputation for exploitation back then.
  13. Oldyfeliz,you and I live in the same part of Guadalajara,I've driven a vehicle with expired Utah plates for ten years here and have never had a problem.Asking for the ticket,(haz me el folio),is not a useless act. In ten years I've paid one mordida,100 pesos for a seatbelt infraction,just to avoid the hassle.I do keep a copy of Articulo 106 with my papers and that has been helpful in the past,it also helps to have the right attitude when dealing with transitos or cops in general.
  14. Just out of curiosity,why would anyone think it isn't okay?
  15. You can buy a decent used Geiger counter for less than a hundred dollars online.
  16. I think the flashing lights are used to attract the charales that they feed on.
  17. According to section IV of the Code Galactic (Law of Intervention)they have "the inalienable right to intervine" pretty much whenever they feel like it.
  18. What if our "sky neighbors" don't welcome all this attention and just want to be left alone?I've seen what these fellows are capable of when they're provoked and it wasn't pretty.
  19. So it's okay to talk about "motherships" hovering over Lake Chapala and other UFOs being seen entering and leaving the lake but it's not okay to question the veracity of these claims??Give me a break...
  20. Hmmm,comparing alien crash victims from Roswell being researched in Dayton to pot holes in Chapala,talk about apples and oranges....
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