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  1. Need to get a tire repaired in or near Ajijic. I used to use the guy near Casa de Waffles, but he out of business. Any Recommendations?
  2. We stood in three diffenent lines for a almost 4 hours [11AM to 3PM] to renewed our drivers licenses in Guad on 14 May 2019. From talking to Mexicans there, some who arrived around 9 or 10 waited more than 5 hours. Arriving at 11AM may be optimum; be prepared for long lines. The people in line were very curteous and offered seats when available to us oldsters with canes.
  3. Peter, My symptoms were similar to yours, same L4 L5 problem, but Dr. Gonzales recommended hip replacement, so that is what we did.
  4. Berkeleyboy need a typist; reach him at rrhoda730@gmail.com or 766-4522.

  5. My phone number is (376) 766 4522.  My name is Rick Rhoda, I live in Ajijic.  

  6. To change address, you need to bring the completed on-line form as well as the ORIGINALS AND COPIES of your passport, permenente and new address.
  7. We have permenentes and just changed our address and recorded it at Immigration in Chapala. To start the process, one must complete a rather complicated on-line form at inm.gob.mex. Click on "Solicitud de Estancia". Then you get a rather long questionnaire, which starts with: ¿Qué DESEA HACER? We then selected: "Notificar cambios (reseidentes temporales y permanents)" For "Especifique" we selected "Notificar de cambio de domicilio". You will need to provide a CURP number. It took us a couple days to get the form completed successfully. Then you print the form and take it to Immigration in Chapala along with your permenente, passport and new address [on TELMEX or CFE bill]. [They showed no interest in when we moved to this address.] Theoretically the process can be done in one day, but it took us three trips to Immigration. Day one we learned that the on-line form had to be completed. Day two, we completed the process for me, but they said I had to redo my spouses on-line form because I made a mistake. Day three: I completed the process for my spouse. For us it was a tedious process and it made us wonder what would have happened if we had not bothered and left our old address (four blocks away) in their system.
  8. Twice we drove our new Jalisco plated car into McAllen, Texas. Both times we were in McAllen for four days and drove back to Mexico with no problems. Only lengthy stops were was US customs/immigration upon entering USA. Mexican customs waived us through once and asked a couple questions the second time. We drive very carefully and saw no need to buy US insurance. I am bot sure if our Mexican car insurance covers us in US border towns.
  9. We just moved and want to change our address in our visa file with Mexican Government immigration office. How much does it cost? Can we do it in Chapala?
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