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  1. David Marc Greenstein is who would ask for.
  2. When does Mexico observe their version of April Fools Day? asking for a friend....
  3. I have fiber from Telmex in Las Redes Chapala at no extra charge.
  4. Maybe there are more US speakers than Canadian on the planet and eazy peazy trumps your ezed peazed, eh?
  5. Find one close to home who will give you their cell number for after hours emergencies.
  6. Telmex is switching to fiber optic. That's why the need for a new modem.
  7. Have you contacted the Mexican consulate?
  8. How many to be a super advanced member?
  9. I added a smiley face so that should make it okay?
  10. Because attention whores addicts need attention? Just my opinion.
  11. Yes. An ex NFL player with many interesting stories of his travels.
  12. Universal health care. Common sense, Swedish style. Living wages. Common sense, Swedish style. Guaranteed income. Common sense, Swedish style. Etc, etc, etc. Common sense, Swedish style.
  13. The subject is cetes, Pete. Not cohetes.
  14. "This is FALSE. There is no evidence proving sunlight kills the coronavirus. Only highly concentrated UV rays are reported to kill viruses, and the World Health Organization advises against using UV rays because they can damage skin." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2020/03/30/fact-check-sunlight-does-not-kill-new-coronavirus/2931170001/
  15. BY: MARCO BOULEAU WEEKLY SPECIAL…….. APRIL 27th. TO MAY 02nd. CALL. 624- 358- 0247 MONDAY CHOICE OF MARCOS FRIED CHICKEN Served W/mashed potatoes and coleslaw . OR VEAL PARMIGIANA Served W/ pasta Alfredo and Green salad. $ 140.00 TUESDAY BAKED CHAMORRO OR SHRIMP MOLCAJETE Served W/ mex. Rice and salsa $ 150.00 WEDNESDAY FISH & CHIPS served W/ coleslaw and tartar sauce OR STUFFED PORK CHOPS Served W/ mashed potatoes. $ 140.00 THURSDAY COMBO PLATE OF B.B.Q. PORK RIBS, CHICKEN, CHORIZO, ARRACHERASTEAK, SCALLOPED POTATOES, BAKED BEANS, & COLESLAW. $ 150.00 FRIDAY ROAST TURKEY Served W/ mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, gravie, cranberry sauce. $ 200.00 SATURDAY APRIL SHIS-KA-BOBS CHOICE OF SHRIMP,CHICKEN,BEEF. Served on a bed of rice & baked potatoe. $ 150.00 FREE DELIVERY EVERY DAY FROM 1:30 TO 6:00 P.M. REGULAR MENÚ AND SPECIAL REQUEST AVAILABLE……..THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT
  16. If I were to type, using just one hand, Ilox in the search window I would get 1,042 hits. I believe after reading those posts I would have a working knowledge of what, where, who, when and where Ilox is. But that's just me able to find my a** with just one hand.
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