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  1. Now a days (2018) Is there a group, place, facebook page or site to meet other singles? Thanks
  2. Can I have his phone no? occasionally I have things to do in the garden, I have tools. TIA.
  3. Bautista is a Company, they are more reliable than the gardeners, in my particular apreciation. 045 33 3724 0659 Cell phone. Ask for Ismael, he is the one that speaks english. They can give you invoice if you need it.
  4. I heard it, apparently was a cohete in advance to celebrate, the soccer game that will happen tomorrow, anticipating that Mexico wins... everything is ok. well. This is Mexico...🤣 Me and may dogs were scared to death!
  5. This happened recently? now regular taxi wants 400 just one way... 😮 from the airport...
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