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  1. Maybe better to skip both of those fraccs, and head straight to Cumbres! I Will be there soon, We love it!
  2. If anyone wants to know everything about guns, permits and CWP'S go to this web page! Mexicoarmado.com this is the only and est page in mexico, that will give you the real truth and it also has a classified section so that you can purchase any gun from people that legally purchased at the military zone in DF. legal, and they change titles of weapons here at the military zone in GDL, with no waiting and no grief! yes you will pay a higher price but no flights , no lines and no hassle!
  3. There is an ammo store here in Joco just before the first light! Best gunsmith is metoarmo on the net.
  4. I had great work done by Dr Rigo Rios in mirasol! Just had mine done 30 days ago! very satisfied!
  5. I have been to your restaurant 3 times for your breakfast hash browns and not one time are you open, have you closed? today was one of those days!

  6. Boy o boy, don't make a mistake here! my word, are you saying that all that is written here is factual ? Ok I guess since you said so, I must be childish!
  7. Look lady! I have lived here for 25 years and know quite abit more than you think!.Before you start calling people lairs,you might want to get all the info! sorry if I offended you!
  8. Heard some bad things about her, and her staff in Joco are very rude!
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