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  1. According with this, we, old farts, that can not walk by ourselves, nor can I walk a dog... shouldn´t have dogs...
  2. If you still need the chatarra truck phone is: Enrique. 333 457 8469.
  3. How to get rid of 2 old and unusable refigerators and 1 big old metallic satellite dish?... Thanks for your ideas.
  4. Is there a FEGLI office in the Consulado in Guadalajara? TIA. Or if someone knows how to contact them in México....
  5. I feel that things are perceived differently here than in the US...
  6. yes, the Gov. hired a external lawyers office. unfortunately I do not know what is the satute of limitations, because even, if it is not a scam, it a scam that FEGLI wants to collect a payment made 11 yrs ago! Besides that, I do not know how to demonstrate that I was and I am entitled to that payment.
  7. They were foreigners.... not mexicans...
  8. but as Chapalence says... FEGLI means Government...
  9. Oh yes! They offer service for sure, just saturday and sunday after 5 o´clock. this is the time when I use to ask for pizza, but you are right CG, this people here in Chapala does not have business training I guess. Besides that, I order their pizza, calzone or fries by fb messenger.... This is their new cel phone 5523699453 anyway.
  10. Thanks. yes, I sent a fax today asking FEGLI that question.
  11. We use Pippo´s Pizza in the carretera by the Funeral house... they have "light" pizza... better than the domino´s one....
  12. yes! I am afraid of that...
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