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  1. I tried sending a message but a box appeared saying "your inbox is full". I would be happy to meet you anywhere convenient for you to "receive the goods". Thanks so much. If you reply here on your feed I will check in.

  2. Deborah, can you meet me at FitForLife gym, at the entrance to Mirasol on Saturday at 11am?

  3. Hi, Saltos, any chance I could come and look at your drill press?

  4. I assure you I have not invested in Monsanto. I have though, invested 30 years educating people about the practices of Monsanto and many other environmental concerns during my 10 years living in, working and teaching in the permacultural ecovillage in Los Angeles, my garden mastering of and teaching in one of the largest community gardens in Los Angeles and my classes in organic vegetable gardening.  I wonder how you have spent YOUR time.




  5. I do hope your rant was not directed at me in particular or am I one of your "special interests" making it harder to judge the truth?

  6. El Saltos, this is bdmowers, my emal is bdmowers@gmail.com.

  7. Ferret, thanks for the info about the hardwood shop. Sounds like a a great place.  I bought a crosscut saw from Doug years ago and remember his amazing workshop. I lost his number though. I wonder if you would tell him I just need a board foot or so of some nice hardwood and would he sell me some. My email is bdmowers@gmail.com. He might remember me as the weaver.  Thanks a lot.

    Brad Mowers

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