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  1. He often said he lived on Jesus Garcia, see below. HUGE Telmex internet speed increase in SAT gringohombre replied to gringohombre's topic in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara I am in SAT on Jesus Garcia south of La Paz. Telmex was very spotty with very low downloads especially in the evenings. I had signed up with ILox when they first opened their Ajijic office and was finally hooked up about 6 months ago. What a difference! now a steady 80 - 90 download. Just a tip...st... February 3, 2020 New modems gringohombre replied to Tingting's topic in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara ...I am in SAT on Jesus Garcia in front of the lake and they had strung cable down my street many weeks ago. Yesterday I saw a Ilox crew (clearly marked uniforms and truck) near the corner on my street and La Paz (the next up cross street) and stopped to talk to them. It looked like they were installi... August 31, 2019 Address in San Antonio gringohombre replied to ComputerGuy's topic in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara ...I live down at the very end of Jesus Garcia in SAT and my CP here is 45922. May 28, 2019 Fiber Optic Cable in San Antonio? PRONTO??? gringohombre posted a topic in Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara This afternoon I was driving up Jesus Garcia, my street in San Antonio, about a block from my house when I noticed a crew of workers on ladders stringing black cable on the telephone poles. I thought this was strange since they did not look like Telmex workers and the truck with the large wooden spo... February 16, 2019
  2. Click bait. Waste of time. Waste of bandwidth. Do you have a pecuniary interest in this jerk's youtubes?
  3. Explained here where to find on both CFE and Telmex bills, https://www.insidelakeside.com/t24666-rfc#267642
  4. You haven't lived here in what, five years? Must be plenty of trumpettes in Greenville for you to chat with, no? Injecting US partisan politics is supposedly frowned upon on this board. @chapala @Mainecoons @moderator-2 @moderator5
  5. Do you not get a notification when I cite your user name in a post? @chapala @moderator-2 @moderator5
  6. What happened to the no politics rule? @chapala @moderator-2 @moderator5
  7. No shortage of workers. There are many experienced high rise workers in nearby Guadalajara who can be hired to work here. Problem with La Floresta is that the work was stopped due to legal action as the building exceeded the height (stories) in permit. Exhaustive and lengthy court action included an injunction against the work proceeding for about 2 years. This was settled in late 2021 with the developers being forced to remove the top 3 floors. See story here. http://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/lake-chapala/57270-conflict-over-la-floresta-high-rise-settled The Radisson is not a condo, it's a condo-hotel. The focus is on daily rentals operated by the hotel which gets management fees and reimbursements for costs before any rental proceeds go to the buyer. Condo-hotel unit owners are only allowed to use their unit for x weeks a year; if they want to use it longer they have to pay to do so. Many failed in US as the ROI numbers as advertised rarely work out unless situated in an area with nearly-full rental capacity, not seasonal or weekend traffic, which is more common here. The building in SAT appears to be operating on a build-as-we-sell plan. Not that unusual for Mexico.
  8. @cedros How did they validate it? Did they print the RFC form for you?
  9. All they did was make up a phony number. The only people who can issue an RFC is SAT.
  10. As a recent arrival on a resident visa, you had to prove sufficient income or assets to be approved. One reason for that is to ensure that you have the means to pay for your medical care here, or to fly back to US and use your Medicare, or buy Mexican private insurance or buy an evacuation insurance plan. Mexico has raised these income and asset requirements partly to weed out medical refugees who may become a burden to the state.
  11. Local references? Registered and vetted through any online agencies? History of housesits in Mexico?
  12. Medicare A and B pay nothing abroad. Some Medigap plans will pay Emergency Only during first 60 days of travel outside US, with substantial deductibles and limitations, and by reimbursement only. Advantage plans will pay Emergency Only but you cannot belong to an Advantage plan if you do not live in US for at least six months each year. This article explains it well. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/economy/retiring-abroad-what-medicare-plan-should-i-get "Medicare generally does not cover medical expenses outside the U.S. First off, Medicare generally does not cover medical expenses outside the U.S. There are limited exceptions for people living near the Canadian or Mexican borders. Medicare may cover them for emergency care if they can document that going to a non-U.S. care facility was a medically appropriate decision. There also are some situations where Medicare will provide coverage to someone on a cruise ship near U.S. waters. People with Original Medicare, Parts A and B can get a Medigap policy (also known as a Medicare supplement plan) that provides coverage of emergency medical expenses outside the U.S. Medigap plans are regulated and sold at the state level. According to UnitedHealthcare spokeswoman Sarah Bearce, you need to be a resident of a state when you first buy a Medigap plan. After that, if you moved outside the U.S., your Medigap plan would continue in effect so long as you paid the premiums. However, she notes, only Medigap plans C, D, F, G, M and N have foreign travel coverage, and there are restrictions: “The foreign travel benefit covers 80 percent of ‘foreign emergency care that begins during the first 60 days of a trip period’ after a $250 annual deductible, and it has a $50,000 lifetime maximum. This benefit likely wouldn’t be useful if you permanently live outside the U.S.” Medicare Advantage plans are more restrictive. “To be eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan,” Bearce says, “your permanent address, as on file with Social Security, must be in the plan’s service area. If you signed up for a Medicare Advantage plan while in the U.S. but then relocated overseas, the plan would be required to disenroll you after you were out of the plan service area for six months.”
  13. Still as noisy as El Serape was, and very little parking. The owner suggests you park at next set of businesses but that's a bit cheeky, especially since one is a medical supply store where many need that adjacent parking due to our infirmities.
  14. For reasons known only to the administrator and moderators @chapala @moderator5 @moderator-2, BobbyBrown is allowed to post whatever he wants, including "jokingly" calling others nazis and making what he thinks are 'funny' references to nazi atrocities (making people into lampshades). These type of comments would get others banned, but he seems to have carte blanche.
  15. Suggest you get your mail closest to where you live and avoid the traffic. My last annual renewal with Sol y Luna in Ajijic was 3800 pesos. About 190 USD at today's rate.
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