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  1. One of the great traditions on the Ajijic calendar is the Easter Passion Play - Pasión de Cristo. Lasting three days this spectacular is community driven and all volunteer. To raise funds, we are having the 18th annual art auction at the Nueva Posada at 3pm, March 8 (Friday). Traditional Mexican food and music and beautiful art from Ajijic's finest artists. Tickets available at LCS, Diane Pearls, Ajijic Real Estate, Centro Cultural, Bar el Roble, Fiaga boutique and Dario Marquez Studio. Only $200 pesos!
  2. PERRY'S PIZZA. SATURDAY 17th OCTOBER, 1PM FREE-ish BEER. GREAT PIZZA and ROSARIO I hope you can join us this Saturday at Perry's Pizza in Ajijic (it is on Guadalupe Victoria - between Encarnacion Rosa and Aldama. It's sort of behind Farmacia Guadalajara and Ajijic SIMAPA) Thanks to your donations we are finally able to give Rosario all the things we've been accumulating for her. The carrier arrived yesterday, so once I've figured where all the straps go, we will try it out on Rosario. Fingers crossed. We have therapy equipment, strollers, the carrier, meds, clothes and other stuff. Bring a packet of diapers (size 11Kg) and get a FREE BEER! Come and enjoy a very special moment - best pizza on lakeside, free beer* and a big warm and fuzzy. We'll see you there! ​
  3. it is interesting that one of 'world's best climate's interests is 'silence'.
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