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  1. Does anyone know what day and time 'Un Pedacito del Sabor de Mexico' (a small chocolate store located on the lakeside of Ajijic plaza) open these days? TIA
  2. I recently received an absentee ballot for Pennsylvania. It contains only for U.S. Senate and U.S. House, not for the governor nor the state-wide offices. It turned out that this is because when I requested the ballot I indicated that my return to the U.S. was uncertain. Just if you, the fellow ex-Pennsylvanians, wonder why.
  3. It clearly says 'return your ballot'. I don't think you request 'the request for a ballot'.
  4. Can I ask why 24 September specifically? Am I missing something?
  5. Actually, it's much more than average. You cannot simply compare this year's number to the other years' or the average on the chart ('https://ajijicweather.com/wxrainhistory.php'). This year's number is only 'up to today'. If you want to see the ''YTD' comparison, go to the home page of the ajijicweather.com. It says 9.66 inches more this year. It's a lot in my opinion.
  6. There are new construction ones - a few that a spouse died and they returned NOB and were renting and now the owner decided to put on the market since the market is better than a few years ago - one wants to travel more - personal reasons (not related to crime) - people splitting up - one wants more space - some just want to go back NOB - owner death and house put up for sale - weekenders wanting to sell - just the trend now - plenty on the market everywhere.
  7. We had ours done about 2 months ago - cleaning roof - new membrane and caulking, sealer - we used our contractor Gustavo Marquez - 333-157-3048 - we use Gus for everything - not the cheapest but we can always depend on him. He has been in business well over20+ years,
  8. I met with Dr. Ben - Dr. Hernandez and Dr. Bimbela. I chose Dr. Bimbela of Plasticalift in Chula Vista and could not be happier with the results .I am almost a month out with my surgery. I waited years to do it and was a bit nervous but I would not hesitate to use Dr. Bimbela again, actually I will probably use him again for my arms when the weather gets cooler. I have a friend that has also used him including many of her friends, all were very satisfied.
  9. Cosmetic (Plastic) Surgeon - Dr. Sergio Bimbela - Chulavista 130 - Tel: 108-0595 - 688-1820 - highly recommend him.
  10. Here is the web site link for Lakeside friends of the animals that we maintain. It has a list of foods they carry - you can also contact them to find out if they have added to the list. Omar is the Manager and Sue is the President of LFA. http://lfa-chapala.com/
  11. Dr. Hernandez at Integrity - I went to see another Urologist here and the first words out of his mouth were "what insurance did I have and I need surgery". No I did not need surgery - Dr. Hernandez treats my condition the same as my Urologist NOB always did.
  12. Thanks for letting us know she is back. I had an appointment with her yesterday in her Joco office. She has been my GYN for several years and I prefer her to anyone else I have seen here. I am thrilled that she is back. Her fee is also a bit lighter than what is being charged here in Ajijic.
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