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  1. Thanks for the info, but not true according to a knowledgeable person here...
  2. I have Jalisco plates and live in Guanajuato.....San Miguel de Allende. I´ve been getting my tarjeta yearly from a friend in Ajijic. I´m wondering if I can get them online? I understand there's a Jalisco government website....if anyone knows about this would you please email me directly at lindarose51@hotmail.com....I would certainly appreciate it....thanks so much....LR
  3. Anyone know where the IFE office is in Jocotepec? I know it´s moved since I´ve been there, and now I need address and landmarks, please.
  4. Just for the helluvit, I clicked on your profile, and it certainly seems like you´re secretive! That could be stalling the girls....just sayin.
  5. Dr. Jorge Gonzalez Uzur replaced both of my hips and almost everyone I know....he speaks good English and your initial appointment is at Mascaras Clinic in Riberas, as well as your follow ups...I waited 7 years to have the first one done....it came thru so well, he operated on the 2nd one within 6 weeks....I was back up on my feet, working, 11 days post surgery.
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