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  1. 23 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    For now, yes.  Not very good as you well know.  Was going to install ILOX until all the issues and complaints started surfacing.

    TelMex sure doesn't go out four times a day.

    I'm fairly confident I'll be around for the 6 months or so needed to see how TotalPlay pans out.  :D 

    Unless you run streaming audio or such 24 hours a day you don't know how many times a day Telmex drops out.  Some are server problems but for sure I can say Totalplay is a better product.

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  2. OK I had ILOX (350) and Totalplay (100) and ran streaming audio 24 hours a day.   ILOX would go out 8 times an hours on average.  Totalplay maybe 4 times a day. Totalplay phone works,  ILOX never did work. ILOX only worked with Clear Choice streaming provider, Total play works with all of them. I have since dropped ILOX as it is not needed and go with only Totalplay.  Same exact problems with neighbors ILOX.  They went to Totalplay.  Glad someone has had good luck with ILOX but it wasn't myself or my friends in SE SAT.

  3. Note not all routers can be configured as an access point easily.  You can end up with double NAT connection which can cause problems sometimes especially with gaming.  An access point is made out of the box to be a WIFI extender. I have one 10 year old access point that has four SMA antenna and the ability to have higher power is I choose too.  If I was doing it over now I would put in a mesh system.

  4. They work sometimes.  You have to be close to the original modem for them to work well.  They are not a miracle product.  I prefer to use an access point.  They come in two types.  One needs a internet cable connection the other uses WIFI to be repeated.  Many people put a mesh system  which works best but costs most.  Ask around some of your friends have done this before.

    Good luck!

  5. Folks the sparker things are NOT Tasers.   A taser ejects a small string and with hooks on the end and supplies a current.   I know because I was stupid enough to volunteer to be tased once.   These are not legal.   The noise making (sound of sparks) are legal but require contact to work other than the noise. Unit gets you too close to the dogs mouth which I try to avoid.  Lets get our terms correct to avoid confusion. People at Ajijic wednesday market near the key maker sell these legal  sparking units.  Carried one for years and useful on most dogs but the most aggressive dogs it had no effect.  Now I carry a rock like the mexicans it works much better on the aggressive dogs.



  6. 17 hours ago, rod.collins said:

    Putting things into perspective.

    In 1997 I started lagunanet and some people considered it the best thing since sliced bread, it saved people a ton of money "as long as they did not go over 100 calls" people were able to send email and do instant messaging, the web was still pretty green back then but it made communicating back and forth easy and avoided costly long distance bills.

    Telmex was the next best thing, it was new, cheaper, and they offered 56kbps over our 33kbps which later prompted me to start up a high speed wireless service, which again, was much better and faster than dial up and while we had our issues it was pretty reliable and you did not need a phone line for it to work.

    Eventually Telmex started high speed DSL which was pretty darn good and fast, however, over time. there service has degraded considerably, some areas are fortunate enough having fiber optic from Telmex many whom had to pay for the infrastructure in order to get it.

    Then came Illox which has seemed to have had a few stumbling blocks and issues but it was well received because they offered higher download and upload speeds than Telmex DSL.

    TotalPlay is currently the next best thing, I have it here in El Chante and have had it since June, and so far, with the exception of two outages when it was first installed it has been very reliable and very fast. I currently have their 200meg connection and am very pleased as are most people I have talked to.

    I also have Unet out of Jocotepec who also offer high speed Internet, I get 50 megs for $279.00 pesos per month.

    Just like our service back in 1997 our infrastructure was new and the longer time goes by, replacing and renewing equipment becomes costly, which in the case of Lagunanet it was no longer feasible to maintain.

    Total Play's infrastructure is brand new, over time, junction boxes and fiber cable will begin to deteriorate and crack but if Total Play keeps investing and maintaining their infrastructure it will probably be around for a while, that is, until the next new company or technology moves in.

    In the meantime, anyone who needs reliable internet service should always consider having two  ISP's because nothing is 100% reliable and there will be service failures.


    Sorry but ILOX infrastructure was new and it sucked from the start and still sucks. Drop outs every hour.  The phone never worked.  I was also a Telecom engineer and worked with Glass fiber and plastic fiber and its pretty rugged stuff as long as you keep the backhoe and tree trimmers away.  

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  7. I was one of the first totalplay customers and it has gone down once when a pole was hit and the phone has never failed excluding pole being hit.  Was going to keep ILOX as a backup but decided to cancel due to a lack of need.  I have 100 down and 10 up service and can watch a streaming HD movie while my wife does a video call and we have streaming audio running all at the same time with no problems. If you work from home and move files to the north you might want more upload speed but for normal stuff its just not needed.

    Best decision I have ever made regarding internet.

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  8. 16 hours ago, conejorapido said:

    Dr. Claudia Camacho Choza Eye Centre Chapala  3334033857. Excellent credentials, excellent equipment. She has been our opthamalogist for 5 years. Did cataract surgery on both my eyes and both my wife's eyes.

    Last I checked she was taking appointments three months ahead.  She is busy.

  9. What Is Countersteering? ... Simply, countersteering is pressing FORWARD on the handlebar in the direction you want to go above roughly 12mph. If you want to go right, press forward on the right handlebar to go right. We press on the handlebar to cause the motorcycle to lean in the direction we want to go.



    Is counter steering Safe?
    While it takes practice to get right, the benefits of counter-steering are massive. When done correctly, it results in smoother, safer, faster riding. Many riders use counter-steering without realizing it, but they may not be doing so correctly.


     Pedro you could have spent five seconds reading about countersteering and admit you don't know how to countersteer.   

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  10. 18 hours ago, happyjillin said:

    You don't turn a moto by "steering,you do it by leaning and my front drum brake on my '53 beezer worked just fine. Hardly ever used the rear break  but instant down gear and front break did the trick if needed quick stop. Wouldn't want to see you on a moto thanks.

    south shore for vampiros.jpg

    Actually it is much safer to use countersteering than to lean.   Look it up.   I learned it at motorcycle riding school.   Leaning is much much slower way to steer.

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  11. All those 125cc scooters and  125cc honda small bikes do not require a special license. I believe a special multiple day class with piloting a bike is needed.  My test in Oregon was driving in a big parking lot  left, left, left and stop on a curved line to show you could control the bike braking and use turn signals.  I am amazed at the number of folks with new big bikes that don't understand that ABS in a car or bike needs a little bit of training.  I have taught a number of people how to use ABS and none of them knew how to steer and brake.  In fact one panicked when the ABS system pulsated the brake pedal for the first time.  Simple stuff but training is needed. I will be happy when costs come down so the average bike can have ABS at least on the front wheel so one can steer and brake.

  12. 4 hours ago, Jim Bowie said:

    What do you mean "away from local bank"? The local bank does "not convert the exchange rate". That is done by Visa or Mastercard using an ATM, where you get the top rate. Much better than XE.


    My post had nothing to do with ATM or Visa or Mastercard.   Money goes from BOA to XE bank than sent converted to Pesos to BBVA.  This is a better process than USD check due to BBVA converting dollars to pesos at a less than good rate.   XE rate is fine as I am not willing to play ATM roulette like many of you do.

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