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  1. I would hesitate using this site just because of that horrible font - almost unreadable! 😒
  2. OK, yours may be the second oddest... Why are you mentioning search? Are you suggesting that *I* search, or Patrick? My comment was pointing out that Patrick's post contained nothing but a link back to his own post. That's what was odd. Nothing to do with Bryan James, whom I know very little about. Seems like a nice guy and all, but I have no information for Patrick...
  3. This may be the oddest post I've ever seen on this board...
  4. Did a round-trip to DFW and back a couple of weeks ago. Checked in online, and no bags to check, so just needed form from INM office. The person wasn't very verbose with instructions (as in, none) but we eventually figured out we needed to fill them out and give them back to her. I asked about filling in details. It wasn't a stupid question because the form, as printed, is designed for people traveling from somewhere else *TO* Mexico, not the other way around. We filled in names, passport numbers, etc., but as for the rest the lady indicated it wasn't necessary. No flight info, etc. She quickly scribbled "R Temporale" and "R Permanente" on the top of the form (in permanent marker) and then stamped the hell out of everything and we were on our way. The people who collect half of the form are the airline personnel at the gate. On our return INM collected the other half, which we had filled out w/ flight info, our address, etc., stamped our passports and we collected our one checked bag (we never leave with one, but always return with one for some reason) and we played red light/green light (the much safer version) and just like that we were at the taxi stand. Bienvenido! One note of interest - when we were leaving DFW Airport for some reason there was evidently a flight bringing in several older Mexican couples. They had matching shirts, and as each one came out of the baggage area in wheelchairs a whole group of about 50 people applauded and took pictures and videos. People were crying and laughing and hugging. It was very nice to see.
  5. Don’t they pump water into the large tank on the west side of the highway?
  6. Does this work if the bill is in the landlord’s name?
  7. I don’t need to report it if it is a widespread outage. That’s why my *only* question was about locations, not procedure…
  8. No power - western San Antonio. Out since 10pm last night. Going on 9 hours now 😭 Is it just here?
  9. Funny, I walked by today. Looks like they moved the truck to redo the front gravel parking area. Lots of remodeling going on…
  10. Well, if it was illegal, considering how long they were there they must have saved a *ton* of money on land lease and/or purchase. Like the old saying goes, it's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission.
  11. Saw some work going on in there recently, doesn't really seem particularly upgraded...maybe they at least prevented things from caving in...
  12. power was off in SW quadrant of San Antonio (down behind WalMart) for TWELVE HOURS. 😠
  13. The rainbirds have arrived in lower San Antonio! Can rainy season be far off? Hope abounds!
  14. I think the key is to discover all the things you want to do, to participate in, favorite restaurants, etc. Then determine the *frequency* and time of day and day of the week for those things. This will determine how often and how far you will need to travel depending on where you live. You can then determine how often you will need transportation. Ideally you will live where you can walk to most things and bus or drive to the rest. We have lived in Chapala Haciendas, west Ajijic and Ajijic centro over the years. We now live in San Antonio Tlay. Each location has had pros and cons. We recently test-drove a friend's car to run some errands. Parked a few places in centro, drove Ocampo, drove the Carratera. Yesterday we rented a couple of bicycles and rode from Centro to San Antonio and back. The ciclopista seemed much more pleasant than sitting in traffic, assuming that you have a bicycle that is well-maintained. And electric. Or maybe we just needed more gears, but GEEZE these hills are tough. Any way, we highly value daily walks. We were averaging less than three miles/day back in the states but jumped to an average just under five miles/day as soon as we returned to lakeside. We don't want to lose that level of activity, but walking to Chapala or halfway to San Juan takes SO. LONG. At this point I think we're just going to give in to the trend and grab some electric bikes like all of our fellow gringos.
  15. The first, last and *only* time I diagrammed a sentence in school was 7th grade. Let's just say that Texas public schools weren't the best. This lack of knowledge has *definitely* played a part in my struggle w/ Spanish.
  16. This is true. I think part of my problem is that I'm always looking for a system or a pattern. And Spanish verb conjugations *promise* a pattern, and the majority of words adhere to it, but there are just enough irregulars that it destroys my sense of pattern, my hope that I can just learn a system to apply to large groups of words. It breaks its promise *sigh*
  17. it's the tenses and irregular verbs for me. And even though we have lived a total of just over six years in Mexico and Central America I still struggle to understand locals speaking Spanish at their normal speed. THAT has been the hardest part, the comprehension. I can ask questions all day long, no problem, but understanding the answers makes me feel like a beginner.
  18. So how's that working out for you? LOL Look, most people here already like it and don't need or care about yet another person who thinks they are the first (or best) to make a video of life here. Most of us would be just fine if the population leveled out and prices and traffic could stabilize. We most definitely don't want more hype that sends another wave this way. It doesn't matter if you are the best documentary filmmaker on the planet, that's not the point. If you put aside the petty disagreements raised in this thread, that's the real rub. But if you are just going to film any way, then just do it already. Log off the forum and grab your cameras and film. Or don't. Either way, most of us don't care.
  19. No idea what the price range is, but I think Antonio Regalado (R&R Car Solutions) provides this service, at least for those buying/selling vehicles through him. Unsure if he does it separately.
  20. also pretty standard in the industry
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