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  1. Take a look at LCS's End of Life program. Last I looked it was about $700 or $800 for cremation. You can with the proper documentation take the ashes back to the US yourself. (Must be sure they are not drugs.) I had a friend who brought her husband's ashes back to Mexico from the US. Lots of documentation but a lot less than $9.000.
  2. I have never used them. Thanks for the warning. I am really knowledgeable about local docs and a lot of A list docs in Guad since my husband has been ill for so long!

  3. Linda:

    Please talk to me before you use Surgery Host. I have a friend who is suing them and in all likelihood she will win. We are hoping Lyn and Varn will be back Wednesday.


  4. That sounds good. Lets hope we can make it an emergency. Dr. Gonzalez will help you.


  5. I made an appointment to be Xrayed at Maskeras on the 20th.

    I checked with my insurance company, and if an emergency is approved, and arrangements can be made for prepayment reimbursement with the Doctor/Hospital, then my maximum co=pay would be $3500usd.

    So, I will wait on the car until after the Xrays.

  6. I have crutches you are must welcome to have. Call me at 766-4815.

    Sue Kelley

  7. I may ask him, but not until, at least, next month.

    Thank you.

    What a need is for the mechanic to come look at my car to see if it can be fixed.

  8. His name is Frank Slater. His email address is: far00@hotmail.com. I have emailed him to expect something from you.

  9. If you haven't found anyone, our maid's daughter (24) often fills in for her and is also looking for a job. She's quite good & can work without the need for English direction. She may be here with her mother tomorrow; but, in any case, you could call me at 765-6738 for contact......About 11AM. I think she's also registered with Rony (elbelgique). Her name is Lourdes.


  10. I know a young couple, in their 20s, who are looking for work; preferably live-in as maid and gardener/handiman. The young man, Freddy, is very personable and understands some English, having worked in California for five years. The wife, Lourdes, is the daughter of our maid, Maria, and has 'trained' frequently at our house.

    Let me know if they might be of use to you and I'll m...

  11. Hi osuespirit!

    We had brief contact on this web board when I inquired about Big Ten football.

    My husband and I started volunteering in the Love in Action computer room last week. We are currently slated to work in the room Wednesdays from 6pm-8pm.

    We found in our first week, that the kids were desparate to get on a computer that had pre-loaded music to he...

  12. Are you insinuating that those of us that work in the library do not have all of our marbles? Maybe for some but the majority of the people that work at LCS go way beyond the call of duty.


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