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  1. Have to admit I'm disappointed. Groceries are an "essential service" and I've shopped at Superlake for 20 years; I buy lots of local/Mexican items that remain pretty competitive, price-wise, as well as the "must have" imports. Usually decent produce too. On the whole, better performance/reliability than Walmart, where you find a product you like, buy it once and never, ever see it again. The absence of Superlake is going to be a major inconvenience for many of us in the area. Me, I'm already mourning the Asian food products I've sourced there for years when no one else carried them.
  2. I've had some success with liberally applying Vicks Vapo Rub to beams and ledges; not swallows specifically but birds in general don't seem to care for the aroma or getting it on their little claws...
  3. Has anyone else had problems with Interjet? I've been trying to reach them since the middle of the month to cancel a San Francisco trip I booked for 23-29 March. San Francisco was already in lock-down a week or more before I was scheduled to fly, but I couldn't get through to Interjet on either of the 2 numbers for Customer Service in Mexico City. I also sent 4 emails to the address on their Customer Service web page, and only had responses to the first 2, stating that I would have to speak to someone by phone! I've made multiple calls each day and only got thru to be put on hold for a representative on 3 occasions; each time I was cut off after approximately 40 minutes. After all this, I received several automated emails from Interjet updating me on the status of my flight, including 2 that had me flying on the wrong date entirely. (???) Lupita at Viajes Ajijic was trying to reach Interjet on my behalf as well, with no better success. Apparently she stopped booking clients with them sometime around last September because of rumours that they were in financial trouble; I booked this one myself online and she's only been trying to help because she understands how frustrated I am. I even wrote the Aviation Consumer Protection Division in Washington D.C. and cc'd them copies of my emails; the Interjet website displays their address as an alternative if you have complaints but I don't expect they'll actually intercede. Can anyone suggest further resources I can utilize to obtain a refund? It says right on the Interjet website that "In case your travel is affected by causes that are attributable to Interjet or for any other extraordinary circumstances, you may request a refund which would be processed in the following manner..." I should think a global pandemic would constitute "extraordinary circumstances" if anything does... Obviously the flight went without me last Monday, and was never officially cancelled. At this point I don't know what else to do and can't afford to just write off the money!
  4. Ok, this isn't good news. They have the best selection of products but if they're ripping people off, I'll avoid them entirely. Anyone know if SuperLake is doing deliveries? BYW, ignoring the map is not an option; I don't know how to be clearer - I can't proceed because I can't get beyond the damn map or go back either.
  5. I guess I wasn't clear. I've reset the map to show my exact location, but I've clicked everything on the mouse/keyboard and every place on the map and it won't go away!
  6. I successfully placed an order earlier for a small appliance, but now I'm trying to do another for groceries. It keeps bringing up a map so I can pinpoint my location, but I can't make the map go away after. I can't get back to my order and I'll probably lose the lot and have to start over. So frustrating - am I missing something?
  7. Good luck. I'd kill for some new grains - both milk and water, but not available on Amazon Mex and the Amazon U.S. won't ship across the border. If you find a source, please post!
  8. Also for cutting hair. Ask at your local corner store or take a used blade to show them.
  9. Thanks, Ferret for pointing out an angle I hadn't considered. This Webboard could actually be a valuable resource if contributors would share info they come across from reputable sources; it's hard to stay on top of everything with the situation changing daily.
  10. I'm a renter so installing stuff isn't in my plans. Thanks for the info everyone, and I"ll check out the other two suggestions.
  11. Does anyone have a phone number for Bonafont or Santorini? Been using the latter for a couple of years since Bonafont quit coming, but no there's been no Santorini for a week and a half. I understand they're now branded "E-pura" but why would they change routes and leave regular customers high and dry? Alternatively, who else has good quality water and delivery service? I could pick up once or twice from a depot if I new where they were (any in Riberas?) but can't easily lift/carry a garaphon to move it any distance. Any info appreciated. Small bottles from the store are pricey and don't go far.
  12. I've had my empty garaphons (garaphones?) out since Tues. (regular delivery day in the past) and no sign of the truck. It's getting scary dry around here and I'm not sure what to do. I can't lift the garaphons and schlepping a dozen of the smaller bottles from the store is not appealing. Is there a number I can call to ask what's going on? Maybe our street is no longer part of their route?
  13. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/mexico-city-proposing-build-one-worlds-largest-urban-parks-180974179/?utm_source=smithsoniantopic&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200216-Weekender&spMailingID=41790071&spUserID=NzQwNjU0MzE3MDQS1&spJobID=1701233889&spReportId=MTcwMTIzMzg4OQS2
  14. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/dozens-old-mexican-cookbooks-now-available-online-180974186/?utm_source=smithsoniantopic&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20200216-Weekender&spMailingID=41790071&spUserID=NzQwNjU0MzE3MDQS1&spJobID=1701233889&spReportId=MTcwMTIzMzg4OQS2
  15. kgreenbury


    Fascinating stuff, and I very much regret not being able to attend last year's class, Ukiyo. It was unavoidable and I'm sorry you won't be returning for a while. Keep in touch and hopefully we'll have a chance to meet up again.
  16. I'm not growing them for a recipe, but rather for their medicinal properties. So my question stands; how do I determine when to pick to get green ones I can work with? P.S. From what I've read, the Hawaiian ones might be GMO, and even if you could get them here, they'd be the ripe ones, not green...
  17. I have my first batch of papayas ever from a tree I grew from seed. They're pretty big, but still green; I actually want green papaya, but how do you know when to pick them in that case? I cut into one tonight that was really hard and the seeds still quite small (I want the seeds too)... Surely even green papaya softens a little at some point? This was like a turnip or beet - really solid so would be hard to juice.
  18. I just bought a new answering machine/landline with instructions in English for a change, and I STILL don't understand them. Apparently I need an extra part for set-up: "If you subscribe to DSL high-speed internet through your telephone line make sure you install a DSL filter (not included)." So I'm guessing this is what I have thru Telecable, (Wizz) tho I just have the basic package of cable/phone/internet? If that's the case, where do I find a DSL filter here? Steren? Telecable? Other? Phones used to be easy...
  19. Is there anywhere here to purchase seeds to grow Stevia?
  20. I bought 3 garaphons from Santorini on Tuesday and paid $87 pesos. Doesn't make sense.
  21. Thanks, all - sounds like I need to try Scoop Away, since the box is in a high traffic area (i.e. my shower stall for ease of cleaning). I'll see if I can get it delivered from Costco. And I have to agree with Natasha; I live in a semi-rural area and I've noticed that the free-range cats I see don't seem to be around for very long, though I don't know why, exactly. I just know I won't risk losing mine - I kept the last one in after I moved here 11 years ago and she lived to almost 18. Appreciate the advice!
  22. We were using "Arena Bob" from Walmart for the longest time, but it seems they've changed the formula somehow, and it no longer clumps properly. You can't scoop all the wet litter and eliminate the odour. What do other cat families use? Something affordable, I hope... Some brands are ridiculously expensive so prefer not to go the trial and error route...
  23. I'm familiar with many of the options in Guad but it's not so easy to get there anymore. I was hoping for something local that I'd missed, tho I do enjoy Sta. Teresita and the Zona Rosa. Taking that one under consideration - thanks, everyone.
  24. Do we still have any fabric stores at Lakeside? I know about the one near Chapala Bus Station (not impressed) but I'm not aware of any others. There was a Telas Parisina in Joco but that's years ago now; I don't suppose it's still there? Maybe I have to trek to the city but really don't want to...
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