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  1. Thinking of driving to Laredo and maybe on to San Antonio. If you'd like to share expenses and driving leave me a message. Just a short trip, maybe 4 days.
  2. I don't know if this would meet your needs but you can go online to your Schwab account and download a form to designate a beneficiary. They will distribute your funds to whomever you want upon your death. No need for power of attorney. It's pretty easy.
  3. I've had amazing results with Pain Flex Forte. You can buy it at the Farmacia San Andres west of Ajijic. I was skeptical about it but it really works. https://naterra.com.mx/product/pain-flex-forte-30-caplts/
  4. I get YouTube premium thru my AppleTV box.In high definition. It's my favorite channel. And I don't use a VPN.
  5. A woman came to our gate with flowers and wanted to visit my land lady who was very sick. I thought the woman was a friend of hers so I let her in. She robbed my land lady who was too helpless to stop her. I felt so guilty. It was a lesson for me.
  6. I have one you can have if it fits. It's 7/8 inch. I live in San Antonio Tlayacapan.
  7. I use an Apple computer and my browser has a translator but the Mercado site won't let me correct things . I'll try clearing the cache now. Thanks
  8. I can't create an account online. Can anyone recommend someone to help me? I think if I could delete everything I've tried and was able to start fresh I could make it work but it won't let me. Very frustrated. I welcome suggestions. Helpful suggestions, no snark. I know, I should learn Spanish.
  9. Omar Dieguez ‭(331) 251-3128‬
  10. I too was happy with ILox but when they cut me off it motivated me to try Totalplay. It wasn't entirely iLox's fault. My autopay credit card expired and so there you go. The other businesses with auto pay notified me and I corrected it. I'm glad it worked out this way because Totalplay is a much better internet experience.
  11. I'm still amazed at how well it's working. I do have a problem though. I signed up for Amazon Prime but I don't know how to make it work. I'll keep at it and I'm sure I'll figure it out.
  12. Exactly! Thank you Rick. I now have a good TP Link 6000 available for someone who needs it. By the way, I have a Firestick but I use an Apple TV for streaming.
  13. iLox cut me off last weekend so I had Totalplay installed. I'm very happy I did. Everything is better. It's faster smoother and the wireless performance is amazing. With iLox I had to use an outboard router to have any performance. The Totalplay is faster without the router. Much faster. It's just an overall better experience. I'm glad iLox cut me off.
  14. My iLox has been out since yesterday. Am I the only one? Been trying to contact Totaplay but no luck. I'm ready to switch.
  15. I always look at the numbers. I'm color blind.
  16. I used to have the website of the Costco shopping and delivery service but I've lost it. Can someone help me?
  17. Hard to believe but I did. Me an my Chihuahua, Poco who ended up under the brake pad. I was in pain that night from bruises but the next day I was ok. It was the way I hit the light pole that saved me. An instant before the crash I turned the steering wheel hard left. It ripped out the engine it ended up a long way from where I went. I was there and it's hard for me to believe my luck. I would love to see a video of the crash. When I woke up a bunch of Mexicans were trying to open the door to get me out. After I unlocked it and stepped out they seemed disgusted that I was ok. I'm glad no one was with me. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!
  18. I did exactly that. The ins. company totaled the van and paid the damages.The ins. company then took the van to San Louis Potosi and I took a bus to Laredo to fly home. But the Mexican government wanted me to get the van out of Mexico. Of course there was no way I could do that so I couldn't bring another car back down till I cleared the van. I had a Mexican friend who intervened on my behalf and convinced the lady in Mexico City to clear it up. It took several months and I would never have fixed the problem on my own. My savior was the manager of Las Palmas Hotel. He was a saint. He really took care of me and I'll forever be grateful to him. His name is Felix Dias and if you ever stop there tell him Tom said hello.
  19. Thanks guys. That's what I was looking for.
  20. Someone told me of an outfit called Don't Bug Me. Does anyone have their telephone number?
  21. I would like to preplan my funeral arrangements. Do any of you have recommendations for someone that does this. I don't want my relatives to have to be burdened with this. I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered off a mountain by my friends. Thanks for you help.
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