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  1. 4 hours ago, Go Solar said:

    For stronger boxes, use the global standard....go to the liquor store!     

    Thanks, but the boxes that hold 6 wine bottles are much too small - we need something larger.  Went to Walmart today and was told "NO" but with no explanation that I could understand.  I thought a big-box store would be a good bet, but no.

  2. 1 hour ago, gogirl said:

    If you have them done by a makeup artist they will look natural. They will mix colors so you will get the look you want. I had mine done and eyeliner as well. Never regretted it. Sometimes the tattoo artists go too heavy.

    Sounds good - did you have your eyebrows done in Ajijic - I certainly wouldn't want them to look ridiculous or conspicuous.

  3. 1 hour ago, ComputerGuy said:

    Several people have reported Internet outages in a haphazard fashion during the last few days.

    Unplug your Vonage box from the power.

    Do a factory reset on your modem by holding a pin into the little hold on the back until the lights flash. Then wait the five minutes or so to get the Internet light back.

    Plug your Vonage box back in and wait until the blue globe lights up on front, or the screen indicates Internet, or your phone has a dial tone.

    We tried that but no lights flash - how long do we need to hold the pin in the hole, please?

  4. Our friends have not been able to use their VERY GOOD tickets this year for family reasons, so their tickets are available. They can offer a reduced price if more than one concert is taken.  Please phone Chris at 766-1581.

    Tuesday February 12 – Richard Underhill Quartet - in the Auditorio – value $600 pesos each (2).

    Sunday February 17 – For the love of Opera –  in the Auditorio – value $600 pesos each (2).

    Tuesday February 19 – Bach: An Invitation with David Fung – in the Auditorio – value $600 pesos each (2).

    Thursday February 21 – The Soul of Cabaret – with Patricia O’Callaghan and Bryce Kulak -  value $600 pesos each (2).

    Saturday February 23 – Closing Night - in the Auditorio – value $600 pesos each.

  5. 2 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    Actually, it's much more than a side dish, or simply a substitute for potatoes or some other starch. It's a complete protein.

    I used to eat barley and then read that quinoa was more healthy, so I switched over although I actually prefer the taste of barley.  But if you can find organic or mixed quinoa (red, black and white) it's actually pretty tasty as long as you prepare it properly.


  6. Thank you for excellent input.  I'm now back at Lakeside and here's an update. 

    On August 28  I began taking cannabis oil and by my return on October 16 (with a dosage of 2 ml twice a day) I unfortunately had got no relief from my pain.  After so many good reports from people, I was really disappointed especially since I've  been living with chronic pain for over 3 years and it's really wearing me down.

    So what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for others.  Back to the drawing board - damn it !!

  7. Well you guys don't know how to cook quinoa.

    Simmer it for about 20 minutes with chicken broth or consomme, and then add black ground pepper, a little salt and mixed herbs - and voila, you have a tasty nutritious side dish that you can have instead of potatoes or be added to salads.  Don't judge it by its appearance.

  8. I found white Quinoa in bulk on the Carretera next to Gossips but it was rather bland.

    I'm looking for something more interesting and tasty like mixed or red quinoa.  I did find small pre-packaged quinoa in SuperLake but it was too expensive.  Does anyone know where I can find some, please?



  9. 2 hours ago, Ferret said:

    I ordered CBD oil in June of 2015 from the U.S.  It got here the third week in September of 2015. The point being that it CAN be ordered and received but I wish I'd chosen a courier for delivery. As far as I know, there is nobody TESTING for content in Mexico so I'm not sure how you get what you're ordering. It's a crap shoot.


    Wow, 3 months is a long wait.  How did you select a supplier and what were the prices like?  If it can be ordered from the U.S. you'd think I could get it from Canada as well.


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