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  1. Thanks - good suggestion. If all else fails, we will try them.
  2. Thanks, but the boxes that hold 6 wine bottles are much too small - we need something larger. Went to Walmart today and was told "NO" but with no explanation that I could understand. I thought a big-box store would be a good bet, but no.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get free decent size boxes for moving, e.g. Walmart ??
  4. Don was the epitome of a kind, warm gentleman and we will miss seeing him on our regular malecon walks. It is such a loss personally and for the whole community who knew him.
  5. Does anyone have any information of where, when and which vaccines will be offered in Lakeside? "Mexico to start giving COVID boosters to people aged 60 and over. Thanks to US donations, MX has enough doses for seniors: AMLO." December 2, 2021.
  6. Sounds good - did you have your eyebrows done in Ajijic - I certainly wouldn't want them to look ridiculous or conspicuous.
  7. Does anyone know why they are digging up a large section of the Carretera where the bicycle path is between Revolution and the Libriamento? Are they laying new pipes or cables or what? Any timeline for completion of whatever it is?
  8. I know this may be a boring subject but come on guys - somebody out there must know of a water heater repair man - pretty please and thank you.
  9. We have a very temperamental water heater with a mind of its own. Can somebody please recommend a person to fix it? Thanks.
  10. Thanks everybody - all is well, Vonage was working this morning so it was probably a Telmex issue.
  11. We tried that but no lights flash - how long do we need to hold the pin in the hole, please?
  12. We have an internet connection but the red light on the Vonage box is blinking and the phone is not working. We can make connections to some websites but not all. Any suggestions, please?
  13. Still no line-up at 9.00 am at Libramiento
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