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  1. I always tip our regular driver going to the airport. We generally take a cab from the airport when we return and I always tip the cab driver too. They generally "help" with our bags but I have never thought about tipping or not tipping based on that "extra" service.
  2. I have lived in Ajijic full time for almost 13 years - visited here for the first time about 20 years ago. I started coming to Mexico and Central America in the mid 60's - even drove to the Panama Canal and back one time. I have definitely seen quite a bit of change in Ajijic over the 20 years I have known about the place. Traffic is definitely heavier and some other things have changed - some for the better and some not so great. I am actually in the U.S. right now visiting grand kids but can't wait to get "home" next week. Mexico and Ajijic are far from perfect but I've never had one day when I thought about leaving. We have friends that are REALLY frustrated by lost of things - most notably the traffic. I'm never in a hurry so I just refuse to let the traffic bother me. I never give a moments thought to things I want to change and hope I never do. If that ever happens I'll just have a margarita and I'm sure that those thoughts will pass. As one of my great work friends used to say "It's 10% how you make it and 90% how you take it". I don't care if the glass if half full or half empty - I just LOVE the glass. I feel truly blessed.
  3. A group of us went there yesterday (Sunday) and really enjoyed it. The open at 11:00 on Sundays and have their lunch menu (no breakfast items) but we all found dishes we liked. Beautiful setting, good service, nice presentation - and, oh yeah, good food!
  4. REC

    The Cocktail Bar

    https://www.facebook.com/pg/The-Cocktail-Bar-Ajijic-138451086832212/about/ 32 Constitución - Ajijic - the former location of Tom's Bar.
  5. REC

    The Cocktail Bar

    We had a great time at The Cocktail Bar's open house last night. A full house and everyone was having fun!!!
  6. I agree that this place will be great for a before or after dinner drink.For now they are planning to be open from Noon to Midnight 7 days a week! WOW! Not sure if they will be able to sustain that but it seems like they are working VERY hard to figure out what times and days make sense. Really great folks and they are really "stepping out" to make the place a success. So tonight is the Open House from 7-9. They are open all day before and after this "come check us out" offering on their dime but - tonight only. Last night they had 2 x 1 freshly made margaritas - 2 for $70 pesos. On Saturday evenings they are featuring fresh fruit martinis. Last Saturday they had passion fruit, apple and mandarina. Delicious! Their plan is to buy the best fruit they can find based on the season, ripeness and quality. So they are trying a few specials but their regular drink menu is extensive with first class ingredients. Stop by when you can and give them a shot.
  7. Thanks. I have them let them know about this board and expect that they will post here themselves going forward. For now they have a Facebook page - and since I don't do Facebook I can't point you to the correct place. Nice folks and I hope people give the a try as they get things up and running.
  8. This is a completely new operation and not the same folks that occupied that space after Just Chillin'.
  9. Lots of good choices here. We use Miguel Ramirez - 331-068-3827 - he is a general contractor. He has done a lot of work for us and we are about to get started on some new projects with him. Very reliable and capable.
  10. I agree with Tomas. I've never had a problem bringing in prescription medications returning from the U.S. Probably wouldn't hurt to have a copy of the prescription but I have never been asked for one. Also I've never heard of anyone needing a letter from your doctor. I've brought in a couple of months worth of medications with absolutely no problems.
  11. I posted this on behalf of our friend who just opened this place. For the open house he will have "snacks" but not sure exactly what will be included. During his regular schedule he has a few things available to eat and plans to add others little by little. It is definitely more of a cocktail bar than a restaurant - at least for now. Stop by on Friday and check it out.
  12. I was able to access my current CFE bill online and download the PDF version in the last few minutes (using Chrome). In the past there have been a few times when I have been going out of town and knew that my CFE bill would be due while I was gone. I took an old bill to the CFE kiosks at their building in Chapala, scanned the code at the bottom of that bill so it located my account, and made a deposit a little over my highest bill from the previous year. That way I didn't run the risk of having the electricity turned off while I was gone. The balance over what was actually due was applied to the next bill automatically without me having to do anything. Just an option to consider and for me that was much better than the risk of having to deal with getting the service reinstated when I got back.
  13. I am posting this on behalf of our friend Rigo who has open a great new place in the former location of Tom's Bar and Justin Chillin'. Open House The Cocktail Bar Constitución 32 - Ajijic (The former location of Tom's Bar & Just Chillin') Friday - February 23 7:00 to 9:00 Please join us for free cocktails and snacks ============================================ Barra Libre The Cocktail Bar Constitución 32 - Ajijic (La antigua ubicación de Tom's Bar y Just Chillin ') Viernes - 23 de Febrero 19:00 a 21:00 Cócteles y botanas gratis
  14. The good news is that no one is being forced to sign up or prepay. I'm going to do so with my eyes wide open. "Early adopters" face some risk but it sure is fun when you get the new toys to play with first.
  15. We were there yesterday for lunch yesterday and noticed the new hours. A sign inside said Closed Monday, Tuesday - Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-10pm. We haven't been there for dinner yet but look forward to trying it out. One of our favorite places. One of the specials yesterday was birria de res. Delicious!
  16. Hilarious. Pretty much tells us what we need to know. Thanks.
  17. Getting a lawyer to do this is not at all expensive. Following the formula and getting the documentation done correctly is not only a good idea from a legal perspective it is the right thing to do. It is pretty simple. Or you can go the obnoxious route.
  18. We used S&S to buy a new Toyota and were completely happy with their service. Great people to deal with and to me their service was well worth whatever they were paid by the dealer. They took us into town, helped us pick out exactly what we wanted, got some things thrown in by the dealer, had it delivered to us, went over the car when we received it, got the plates for us and took it into the dealership for the first scheduled service. I definitely could have done all that myself but chose not to since S&S was available. They are definitely in business to make money - it is not their hobby. All businesses expect to make a profit - including auto dealerships. Even if I could have saved a few bucks by doing everything myself I feel I got great value by using S&S. The good news is that we all get to make these types of decisions for ourselves.
  19. Marios in San Antonio. Good burgers and a good menu with lots of other choices. Also very good for breakfast.
  20. Here is a list of locations in Mexico from the Hollister/Mexico website. No idea about prices or if they can help you in English. I would be a little surprised if these supplies are cheaper in Mexico but perhaps so. Scroll down to Jalisco and you will find several places in the Guadalajara area that appear to sell Hollister products. http://www.hollister.com.mx/es-mx/wheretobuy Also looks like Amazon Mexico might have some of the supplies you are looking for. https://www.amazon.com.mx/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_1_7?__mk_es_MX=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=ostomia&sprefix=ostomia%2Caps%2C252&crid=2EMD57DS78TNC&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Aostomia
  21. I completely agree with Sonia - including the need to vomit based on some of the responses. You haven't gotten some good advice here but please speak to a lawyer to get the facts straight, the documentation in place, and the stress removed. There are several good lawyers to help you including Spencer who has been mentioned here a number of times. I haven't personally used him but I have no doubt you will be very happy with his work. Just to provide another option I have personally used Azucena Bateman - 766-1654 - 16 de Sept. #11 in Ajijic. She helped is with an issue with a gardener and we were very satisfied. It sounds like you want to understand what you are required to do so you can decide what you want to do. It also sounds like you really like her and want to do the right thing. One of these lawyers can help you understand all the details and help you implement whatever you decide. Please don't terminate her when this issue should be pretty easy to resolve. I admire you taking the time to figure this out.
  22. Look at the lower part of the Reply box - you can add certain types of files from there.
  23. Inflation in Mexico is not due solely or even mostly to dollar vs peso rates and it affects all of us - including maids and gardeners. No doubt that the costs of many things here at lakeside have gone up. People who don't make much money are affected quite a bit when costs increase even modestly. We gave our helpers a nice raise this year and they were very appreciative.
  24. The OP must be right. BOLD and ALL CAPS prove it! And he even knows whether I am a HandyMail customer or not. Or if I have ever sent a check to the U.S. from here or not. Or if I know whether HandyMail sends out notices by email. Or if the reason the HandyMail has made changes is based on a legal requirement or a business decision - or both. Or if any other option/company charges more than $20 pesos or not. I'm with you mexilady. I'm done.
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