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  1. Jorge was mentioned above and I have used him for a couple of difficult issues and can't recommend him highly enough. Trained in Spain and Mexico and has always exceeded my expectations. He definitely knows anatomy and works closely with a number of doctors including some of the best orthopedist in the area.

    In one case recently I was not responding as expected to deep therapeutic massage. After a couple of sessions he said that there was nothing more that he could do but made very specific recommendations and was very clear about what information I should share with the doctor he recommended - one of the orthopedist mentioned above.

    Great outcome and I personally wouldn't consider anyone else for something beyond just a simple spa type massage.


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  2. A couple of recommendations -

    • Dr. Alejandro Rodriguez -  I had a serious skin cancer surgery (8.5 hours) and he closed the extensive incisions on my face. Absolutely no visible scars. Perfect English.
    • Justo Siera 2447
    • Guadalajara, Jalisco  44600
    • (333) 615-9259
    • Dr. Manuel Jiménez del Toro - I had him remove another skin cancer on the top of my head. Very happy with the results. Perfect English. I met with him initially at Maskaras Clinic before the new hospital opened. He may still be coming to Lakeside for consultations.
    • dralejandro@plasmacirujanos.com
    • (333) 615-9259 or (333) 630-0266



  3. I have used this place in Riberas - Confort Climas. The address is 90 Hidalgo which is the highway from Ajijic to Chapala. It is on the lakeside/south of the highway as you go towards Chapala. On the right just before you get to Telecable/Izzy/Wizz or whatever it is called today. If you get to Mom's you have gone too far.

    Not sure about English in the store but I think the young lady in the store may speak English although I spoke Spanish with her. One of the guys that came to my house to do services speaks perfect English. I "think" this is the phone number - 33 1180 8581 although I have just gone into the store to make an appointment.


  4. Each State has its own rules regarding insurance - specifically the minimum required liability insurance. If you have a rider on your Mexican insurance policy for U.S. liability coverage you should be fine.

    Each State "might" have specific rules on how long you can use your Mexican car but probably not a limit that will affect you. If you are going to be in the U.S. for many months it might be worth checking to be sure. For a shorter trip I wouldn't worry about it.

  5. Don't know the name or phone number but we have used a place on Colon one block above the carratera - corner of Felipe Angeles. We have had him repair a microwave and come to the house to repair our washing machine and the refrigerator in the casita. Great service and completely satisfied with the work and the price.

  6. My last comment on all this is that calling the local office of any of the companies being discussed here and asking the person that answers about the company's business plan, contract/subcontract arrangements and other similar details is not likely to provide the accurate, definitive, detailed information folks are looking for. Sort of like calling a U.S. company's local office and asking the receptionist about strategy, subcontracts, etc. Just my opinion.

    I'm a happy Ilox customer so I'll bow out.

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  7. A guy was here literally 10 minutes ago in a vehicle with iFibra logos all over it. He once again had Ilox paperwork and was here to finish up something extra that I asked for in my Ilox setup. Same guy has been here three times now including the initial Ilox installation. The other two visits were because I asked for and paid for something extra after the initial installation.

    Thanks CG. Corrected Ted to Tom (I used to work with a guy named Ted Kessler). With all the work Tom has done for all of us I could at least get his name right (haha).

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  8. On 5/4/2019 at 9:17 AM, bobby brown said:

    once you cross that border without permission you have broken the law....to claim asylum you show up to the embassy in your home country and request

    When you apply at an embassy in your home country you are a Refugee - different legal definition and process.

    When you apply for asylum from within the U.S. or at a point of entree you are an asylee - different legal definition and process.




    On 5/4/2019 at 9:17 AM, bobby brown said:

    when I migrated to Mexico I had to follow the procedure to the LETTER

    Not to go off down another bunny trail but the process to gain legal entry from the U.S. into Mexico is ridiculously easy compared to legal entry from Mexico into the U.S.

  9. I'm a little confused - which is not unusual for me.

    Are some of you saying that iFibra is stringing cable for themselves - rather than as a subcontractor for Ilox? And that iFibra will be offering the packages shown on their website directly to customers at Lakeside in competition with Ilox and Telmex? Just want to clarify. I guess iFibra could be planning to provide service at Lakeside and that competition and choices can only work in our favor. I just don't see iFibra thinking that competing with Ilox would be a good idea but perhaps they will go for it.

    The young man that came to my house to do the original Ilox install came back this week to add the TV package that I did not order originally. I had a pretty long talk with him - as I mentioned earlier he is a really nice guy and technically very skilled. He is from Ocotlan and has worked for iFibra for quite a while. He has had Ilox paperwork with him each time he has been here and called Ilox to get the service authorized once he had done his part here at my house.

    He didn't know much if anything about the arrangements between Ilox and iFibra. He said he had not been told what to say - or what to not say. He just shows up and does his work. He speaks very little English - really almost none - but we haven't seemed to have had trouble communicating with each other in Spanish.

    I was one of the original prepaid accounts, have had my service for several months now and am very happy with the speed and with the overall experience in dealing with Ilox.

    Quite honestly I am stupid and apathetic - I don't know and don't care about most of the details people are getting worked up about. Ilox is working through their build-out, I am up and running, speed and service are great for me. 100% happy. Don't really care which poles are being used, if iFibra is or isn't a subcontractor for Ilox, or any of the other details folks are getting worked up about. Stringing cable is one part of the process but there are many more steps required to deliver service over those cables. Obviously lots of other folks don't see all this the way I do.

    Thanks once again to Tom for all his work to get this going - and for his incredible patience in dealing with all the headaches. We should double Ted's salary - but then 2 x $0 is still $0 so all I can do is to thank him profusely. This is truly a game changer for our community and for me personally.

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  10. I had a tech from Ilox at my house yesterday adding the TV feature to my already completed Ilox installation. Really nice guy and knows what he is doing. In chatting with him he said that he is looking forward to going "home" to see his family this weekend. He is from Ocotlan so the tie to iFibra based there seems to make sense.

  11. Just to recap, if/when this is actually implemented there seem to be several ways to deal with it -

    1. Understand what is actually required and who it applies to, figure out how to comply with the law, do the paperwork, absorb the modest increase in cost, and smile.

    2. Get rid of your domestic help. Lose/lose for everyone.

    3. Hire a service to provide workers on a contract basis. Not for me but already a solution for many.

    4. Find someone to help or do the paperwork for you. There are lots of "facilitators" who are already set up to do these types of things and many others. I would assume there will be more if there is a need.

    5. Decide if you are trying to solve a problem or prove a point. If you are trying to solve a problem pick one of the alternatives listed above or look for other similar solutions. If you are trying to prove a point, go for it. I find that stomping my feet and holding my breath is very effective. 

    6. Have a nice lunch and a couple of margaritas, come home to a clean house, and say a little prayer for how fortunate we are to have a life where this is the biggest problem we have to deal with.

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  12. 14 hours ago, bmh said:

    a maid or gardener can be an independent contractor or an employee.


    16 hours ago, mudgirl said:

    As I understand it, your maid and gardener are not considered independent contractors if you actually tell them what to do. In that case, they are considered employees.

    Mexican labor law may or may not address this the way you want - and may or may not treat domestic workers different from other workers. And of course it appears that Mexican labor laws may be changing - or not. Lots of different opinions expressed in this thread but they are just that - opinions.

    Mexican laws may be different than other jurisdictions but the distinction between an independent contractor versus an employee is pretty clear. In other countries where I have direct experience the determining factor is simple - if I determine when someone works, tell them what to do, determine their wages, etc. they are an employee without any doubt. It is not possible to just say "nope, they are an independent contractor".  It may be referred to as a "facts and circumstances determination". Someone can't simply say I want to call that person an independent contractor. The example of a plumber is a good example. A pool guy that comes once a week (or more) somewhat on their own schedule could be different too. But a cleaner who comes at 10am on Tuesday and does specific tasks that you define is pretty clearly an employee most places. Not really a big deal whether someone works inside the home or not.

    So that can differently be different under current and/or new Mexican labor law but I would be surprised if is significantly different than in other countries. I've been surprised before and could be wrong. To me personally nothing to worry about at this moment and if/when this becomes an issue then it will be something we will all need to deal with. For me it doesn't seem to be on overwhelmingly difficult requirement or an unacceptable expense. And Mexico gets to decide how to structure their laws and change them as needed. But from this thread it is clear others disagree. Another one of those things that people will see differently and react differently. YMMV.

  13. 16 hours ago, Paco Loco said:

    I know that. I’m looking for a Medicare Part B medical service provider in Houston that someone who lives here and travels to Texas to use it can reference.

    Seems pretty clear what the OP is looking for. I am from Houston but don't use Medicare Part B. I'll ask friends that may have a recommendation.

  14. My wife had full knee replacement done by Dr. Gonzales - now available at the new San Antonio hospital. She did first have microsurgery at his suggestion but he offered to go straight to the full replacement. She opted to try to less invasive procedure first but she had the option of going directly to the full replacement.


  15. Ilox installed our connection a couple of weeks ago. They called from the office a couple of days before to make sure we would be available. On the morning of our installation the technician called about 30 minutes before the appointed time to be sure we were home and to confirm our address. They showed up on time and completed the installation quickly and professionally. They tested the installation with their equipment and asked me to check things out on my connected computer. Among other things I did a speed test.

    Very professional all the way around. Very nice young men doing the installation and I am 100% satisfied with the process and the results.

    If they can't reach someone waiting for installation not much they can do.

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  16. Can someone use IMSS in the United States? Or Seguro Popular? Is Mexico unfair for not allowing that?

    You don't have to pay for Medicare Part B. If you do pay for it you can use it - in the U.S. 

    It would be essentially impossible for Medicare to audit medical bills from Mexico, manage fraud, errors, duplicate billing, do investigations, etc. All those things are very important and very difficult even in the U.S. And then Mexican medical providers would have to adhere to Medicare coding and other billing requirements. And Medicare fee schedules wouldn't be likely to make sense in Mexico - even if bills were lower.

    With any insurance plan when you are "out of network" things change a lot. If you have Medicare and you are in Mexico you are definitely out of network.

    I understand why people want this to work differently but there are practical reasons why it is impractical for Medicare to work "out of network" - like way out of network in another country. I agree with pappysmarket and I have direct hands on experience in this area too.

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