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  1. Hola, Kosika:

    Yup. There should be a drain on it now a days, or at least a version of it with a drain.

    These were used since the times when we had no running water or sewage.

    First, people carried all their clothes down to the lake, made a nice pile of rocks at the shallow end, washed everything and carried it back home.

    Then, people started to build these piles of rocks at home, and carried the water home, filling a big container next to their nice scrubbing rock. So no one else would get ther first and screw your day,  waves would not destroy your work, etc.

    Then,  many similar "prototypes" were bulilt out of wood and other materials until someone really smart started making this "lavaderos" and soon there was not a house without at least one of them.

    People would fill the "pila" (deep end) with clean water using buckets. That water was used up and refilled many times a day since they washed everything in it; dishes, food, clothes, babys and even themselves. Therefore, there was no need for a drain really. And it still works that way in rural and less fortunate areas where there is no running water or sewage. 

    Now, for many people they are just a built in piece of history, a nice alternative to have when the washer brakes or when you have some really hard core scrubbing to do.

    I hope this helps to answer your question. ? ¡Saludos!


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