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  1. I am in Desperate need of a true jardinero....one who doesn't just water and sweep. But knows which plants go where and will weed and feed and prune and spray. Things I "assume" a jardinero would be skilled in. Mi jardín will be his palette. I am so hungry for a lovely jardín.....willing to absolutely let him take the lead. Three times a week in riberas. Excellent pay for excellent work . (Edited by mod to correct word "jardinero") gracias,
  2. Muchas gracias for all the information. I never know how to proceed with tech stuff. ;-)
  3. I must live in the slow zone area. I think I have the middle package, but too often, ookla gives me UNDER 1mb! I'm thrilled, shocked and delighted when I get anywhere near 3. Going to Telmex mañana to see what's what. I think the growth in Riberas may contribute as Telmex doesn't have adequate servers for this area.
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