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  1. Not really on topic, but a fun article w/shaver recommendations: https://www.toolsofmen.com/electric-shaver-vs-razor/ Some barbers here still provide shaves... naturally, with a single-edge razor.
  2. Going West on the Caretera and turning right onto the lateral in La Floresta, with my turn signal on, a motorcycle going quite fast in the bicycle lane (no motorized vehicles allowed) plowed into my right front fender and flew over my hood. He was okay and no damage to my car. Alberto, "the kissing cop" was two cars behind me in his own car (not a Police Truck) and saw the whole thing and pulled over. I was on my way to very important meeting and like Spencer, didn't have hours or overnight in jail to wait, so I gave the guy $500 pesos to get a new mirror (which appeared to be the only damage to his motorcycle) and Alberto told me to go ahead and go to my meeting. Is Alberto still alive? Last time I saw him at his wife's store in Riberas, he said he was having some pretty serious medical issues.
  3. Mike the Computer Guy is a good guy. Very knowledgeable, too.
  4. For those who have not seen them, yet, there is a picture of the front and back of one at: news.coinupdate.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/mexico-2018-500-pesos-pair.jpg
  5. I ran across this article today and thought it beneficial to share for those of us living Lakeside, especially as it addresses scorpion, wasp, and bee stings, as well as snake bites. It even tells you what size tampons to use for different caliber bullet holes! (God forbid anyone ever needs that information!) Plus, it even has good suggestions for pet first aid kits. Creating a First Aid Kit Suited to YOU and YOUR Needs NOTE: While the article above is very thorough, it does not go into surgical first aid kits, but if knowledgeable and interested, these kits have really improved beyond simple scalpels, gauze, medical tape and sutures. They now include surgical skin staplers, pre-threaded suture needles, saline-loaded flush syringes, blood-clotting agents, anti-bacterial breathable tissue adhesives (skin glue) topical anesthetics, etc. Of course, in Mexico it is easy to obtain syringes and vials of anesthetics for use prior to suturing some wounds and can be a good addition to any field surgery kit. Check with applicable laws before traveling.
  6. Turn down the volume: Jalisco municipality works on noise bylaw Ocotlán is aiming to be one of the first municipalities in Jalisco to implement anti-noise regulations in line with statewide legislation. Let’s make some noise: Panasonic designs stronger speakers for Mexico Some people think Mexico is loud enough already but Panasonic is introducing two new, stronger speakers, designed especially for Mexico.
  7. We live in Riberas and have a bunch of stuff we can donate,  but don't have a car. If you can arrange to get the stuff there, we would love to help. Call for Beverley at 106-0848 (She knows what we have. I don't.)

  8. Never stayed there, but attended a lot of events at the Real Chapala. It looks nice. Here is a Trip Advisor link w/434 review REAL DE CHAPALA $76 ($̶8̶9̶) - Updated 2018 Prices & Hotel ...
  9. Jose Louis Gonzales 331-326-4662 I had problems with my water pump (bomba) and had two different plumbers who came three different times and could not resolve the problem. I'm German and Scottish and my Italian neighbor (go figure) recommended a bi-lingual plumber (Spanish/English) who came out, took my pump to the shop to have the pressure valve(s) fixed, came back the next morning and reinstalled it and everything worked fine... but not until he replaced some guts in my toilet (which was leaking slowly and regularly into the bowl) and put a new pilot light unit on my hot water heater (which I requested) but the pilot still wouldn't stay lit (which I could verify) because the thermostat was bad. He had a bigger one for a different water heater which he brought back the next day and sold me for less than the actual model for my water heater, that works better than the original. This one will likely even save me propane. I recommend this lumber highly. His knowledge was excellent, he was punctual, his work skills commendable and his prices were reasonable and competitive.
  10. I second Prasad, next to Telmex in Ajijic. It is in the first little strip of stores on your right when you turn onto the service road at Revoloution and head toward the Telmex. Great people with a pretty good selection (lots of Puritans Pride brands) and even some unexpected items like refrigerated Royal Jelly (a fairly rare bee secretion supposedly reserved for the Queen Bee that allegedly has a myriad of health benefits) such as preventing certain types of cancer, lower blood pressure, treat sexual infertility, lower cholesterol levels, protect the liver, reduce inflammation, heal digestive disorders, prevent premature aging, help in weight loss, and increase circulation.
  11. Two articles that may be of interest: How to Fix Cloudy Pool Water - swimuniversity.com How to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water after a Rainstorm
  12. If you have an extra $35K USD cash laying around, I would go to Dr. Golpa in Las Vegas. I have researched him for the past 3 years and cannot find one complaint... unusual for a US based concern. They have a new office in Dallas, which is where I plan to go. Golpa Dental Implant Center - Golpa G4-Implant Solution
  13. Again, off topic from the initial request, but I mention it because I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and in my 60's still seem to have mild symptoms. Anyway, I heard a great interview with Dr. Mary Ann Block from The Block Center discussing psychotropic drugs for the treatment of ADHD at "What the media and medical industry do not want you to know" Dr. Block apparently went to med school at age 39 to save her son. She graduated and got her MD and now she runs The Block Center in Dallas-Ft Worth, I believe. The interview was good enough that it compelled me to mention it. Here is the link to her site: ADHD Non-Drug Program - The Block Center Perhaps there is some good information that can be gleaned from there.
  14. I ordered 6 computer parts, CPU, Motherboard, Memory, Memory Cards for my camera... I had to pay the Aduana bill, but when I opened the package, only one memory card was in the box. I am very skeptical about anything shipped across the border.
  15. Perhaps use the search tool. It has worked wonders for me when searching for lost e-mails. How to Search Outlook.com Email Search for a specific person's name, airline name, or any word you recall being in the e-mail, such as GDL or the originating airport code.
  16. In Acapulco a cop pulled me over and said I had run a red light six blocks back (total fabrication) and showed me a card-deck sized wad of driver's licenses he had already confiscated that day. I was driving a new car with South Dakota license plates and was on my way back to my very expensive hotel. He pulled me over right at the entrance, where he was parked outside waiting for targets going to or from that hotel. I vehemently oppose paying mordidos, but I paid this bandito a $500 peso mordido, as I had 10 minutes before checkout time and another day hotel cost would have been a lot more expensive (on a credit card which I could not stop them from charging if they were jerks about the check-out time.) Plus, it was a Sunday and I was driving back to Ajijc as soon as I checked out, so I did not have time to go to the municipal and pay a ticket, nor get my driver's license back. Having to replace a drver's license that they took from me in Acapulco would have been quite suckful. (As in full of suck.) Lakeside, it would have been a different story. Some traffic infractions are political priority stops like driving without a seat-belt and driving while talking on a cell phone. The politicians have jumped all over the bandwagon on those two infractions. Drunk driving (be real careful here, the BAC level for arrest is extremely low... as in having drunk one beer can get you jailed) and if you have a Mexican plated car, make sure you have your current stickers displayed and make sure you license plate is not obstructed. And Lakeside, never turn left without a green arrow at the Careterra and the Libramiento!
  17. I think enforcement will depend upon who gets the $50,000 pesos fine! (We already know who will get to keep the corresponding mordio.)
  18. Jalisco passed a new Anti-noise law, where police must respond to all complaints, can issue up to a $50,000 peso fines and 36 hours in jail and offenders face closure of their businesses and loss of licenses. Some commentators said the law was watered down because it does not allow for the shooting of offenders. https://theguadalajarareporter.net/index.php/news/news/regional/52238-jalisco-state-congress-approves-contentious-anti-noise-legislation Will this put an end to a lot of the Mexican freedom, culture and tradition that initially attracted so many expats?
  19. Here's the other (much bigger) party boat that used to go out of Chapla, with Daniel Cordero performing on board. Just sharing for those who might have confused the two boats or were not here when they were running. Not a piano, but plenty of room for an electric piano.
  20. There used to be piano player at Robertos and even one on the big party boat in Jocotopec -- at one party I attended. Let's not forget Riccardo Razo, our banker-pianist and an actual piano was at La Tasca when they were open. Lots of pianists. Most musicians really don't get a whole lot and play because they enjoy it, more than they do for the money. Go out to the clubs and chat with other musicians. Most I think are happy to share. Bryan James sitting in for the regular pianist:
  21. I am interested in a handicapped placard for my housemate, same reason. Although, unlike the other lady,  mine uses a walker. She has no problem getting doctors letters, but anyone who sees her can see that she is severely handicapped.

  22. Nasty kids in a neighborhood up north used to take dog poop and put it in a paper bag, light the bag on fire and ring the doorbell. When the owner answered the door, he or she invariably stomped the fire out and then could not go back into the house with their shoe on, because of the poop now all over the shoe. Not recommending this as a solution here, as everybody here knows someone who could escalate the situation much worse that it already is. I just shared so you could smile about the thought of it... even if it is only a fleeting smile.
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