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  1. We live in Riberas and have a bunch of stuff we can donate,  but don't have a car. If you can arrange to get the stuff there, we would love to help. Call for Beverley at 106-0848 (She knows what we have. I don't.)

  2. I am interested in a handicapped placard for my housemate, same reason. Although, unlike the other lady,  mine uses a walker. She has no problem getting doctors letters, but anyone who sees her can see that she is severely handicapped.

  3. It was not my intent to be "homophobic." I thought I was humorously pointing out that gay night is Ajijic is Friday nights. I guess my humor did not come across as funny in some circles.

  4. I have been hampered by the $7000 pesos per day limit at ATM's. Did you have to contact the bank to get more from the ATM machine? If so, who and where?

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