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  1. I have my water from air technology, zero-point energy, crypto-currency, aquaponics with all the energy, food and vegetables I need. The only thing left that I need is a bigger, more powerful airboat! <g> (Just kidding folks.) Although I do have these really cool "new fuel" jet pack I want to go off the cliffs with the para gliders filming. They are a bit noisy, too. But if they explode, you won't hear them again. (Just like you F*ckers sank my boat and almost killed me a mile out.)
  2. I am already getting paid enough to retire in Mexico! <g>
  3. I am NoB now, too. Interesting you found a post from 2019. I was a pioneer in crypto mining and evolved into data-farms. I shut down my crypto mining because of my work with AI, now, oddly also associated with crypto, but not by initial design. Watch for my work at every Walmart in conjunction with IBM.
  4. Slightly different request, but tangentially related... where is the best place to obtain a Mexican Hosted server to upload my own content?
  5. I concur that off-gassing is something that deserves more study. The house looked nice though and earthquake resistance is a huge plus. It reminded me a little of a 3D-printed house I saw recently. Using a Vulcan II 3D printer, it took 48 hours to make at a cost of US$10,000. 3D-printed houses come to a Texas village for the homeless
  6. Be careful doing this if you are married! I read where some guy's wife shot him because he refused to put new batteries in his hearing aids!
  7. Having flown many times in light planes over the lake, it is quite a spectacular sight. Heck, even just seeing the area in a boat from the lake is an awesome experience. It gives you a totally different and more appreciative respect for the beauty of the area. I can assure you the helicopter tour is going to go the way of the big boat tours (out of Chapala and Jocotopec) and even the airboat tour business. Completely unprofitable. The noise of the helicopter last less time that a Z-Gas truck's speaker blaring driving down your street. If your skin is not thick enough to handle that, you live in the wrong country. Tough it out a little longer and economic nature will take its course.
  8. It could just be the Riberas side of the Carretera, not all of South Riberas. I think it was yesterday (might have been the day before) I saw them replacing a concrete electric pole at the Oxxo across from the Pemex at Calle San Juan, for high tension wires, not local wires.
  9. With the lirio returning, I think I found the perfect boat to replace the old airboat. Old airboat: Replacement: 16,000 HORSEPOWER! HOVERCRAFT This bad-boy might even be able to race the new helicopter on Sundays.
  10. OP: "I think I recall reading of a Roast Beef Special at a local restaurant." That said, I, too, prefer Prime Rib.
  11. Paninos has the best medium rare - medium (your choice) roast beef that I have found Lakeside. While they do have (open face I think) roast beef sandwich specials on Mondays, of Fridays, you can order on half-kilos or kilos (sliced) to be picked up on Monday. (A tad expensive, but not bad for something you can't find except in a high-quality NY Deli.)
  12. I seem to recall some communication towers being stopped on the Libramiento because of blocking resident's views... but that might have been an action brought by an entire Fracc, rather than an individual homeowner.
  13. Not what most of us prefer, but this is the closest I have found (at Walmart, I think): Here is a nice rice-straw whisk broom from Garret Wade that would be perfect for that space between the seat and the door. They might ship it to Mexico. Good price, too.
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