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  1. I think I am beginning to see a pattern here.  The people on this board who are the most gung ho and most hard core when it comes to mandates and Covid protocols are also the nastiest by far.  And Virgo lady wears the crown.  Maybe all that social distancing, isolation and mask wearing isn't working for some folks.  Go outside your home, breath in some fresh air, live your life and try to find happiness again!

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  2. I know someone who is a Ham Radio operator down here.  He got his reciprocal license 10 years ago when they were giving them out.  Its expired now but still he hasn't had any problems with any authorities yet.  He ordered a beam antenna from a company in the States and they delivered it here and had a ham engineer in Guadalajara come and install it for him on his mirador.  Its working great and still no problems after 4 years, knock on wood though.  But it is quite obvious.  Once he hears that they are issueing reciprocal licenses again, of course he'll go to the Zapopan office and renew.

  3. Of how to break those 500 peso bills sometimes depends on lifestyle.  If you live in a fraccionamiento, and each time you leave your home it will frequently if not most times be in your car depending on where you live.  To get your groceries often times will be at a big box office store like Walmart where you mostly might pay with a debit card.  If you live in one of the towns you most often times will be walking and buying at the mom and pop stores.  I live in Chapala so I usually have a general idea if I only have a 500 peso note where to stop first when shopping.  Who will mostly have change and who mostly won't.  I usually end up with lots of smaller bills that way, easy peazy, you must shop at many different places to get what you would get at just one location like Walmart, but it is usually better and fresher and you are helping out the smaller guys, it is all based on preference and lifestyle.

  4. I think you mean pure vanilla extract instead of imitation flavored vanilla because isn't all real vanilla basically an extract cause they have to extract the essence from the beans. Its not like you can just squeeze the pure vanilla juice out of the beans as you would an orange, it doesn't work that way.

  5. No, it is certainly not overkill.  The way I understand the UV light and RO (we have both by the way) is that the UV light kills or neutralizes all the pathogens and amoebas in the water but does not filter out all the contaminents, poisons, and natural occuring cyanide in the well water nor anything else that may be floating around in the water.  That is where RO comes into play.  RO provides perfectly clean and pure drinking water while UV provides water safe enough to shower and bath in.  That is how I have understood the differences.  But sure plenty of people only have UV and manage to stay healthy.  Its your choice.

  6. We ate there a couple weeks ago and found the staff very pleasant and attentive and thought the food was pretty good nobody in my party complained about anything.  But maybe since its in Chapala, some folks here might not feel it stacks up againsts the high quality and variety of restaurants in Ajijic.  But we all enjoyed it and would go back.  Remember they are a fairly new restaurant, give them time to iron out the few wrinkles if there are any.  We didn't see anything to complain about though.

  7. Well I would suggest head to Villa Monet on a Saturday night for a few drinks in a quiet environment surrounded by a gorgeous architectural ambience where Elizabeth Taylor spent some time living there.  Then when the music cranks up head to the Beer Garden for its spectacular views of the lake and the fun atmosphere.  Try to go when John Fisher is singing.  He seems to sing every other week.  That would make a good night out.  Or do it in the reverse,  eat at Villa Monet for the ambience and later head over to the Beer Garden for a few drinks.

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  8. It is real simple to find.  Walk the malecón starting at the Beer Garden, walk west towards the big white sail. Half way down walking past the Beer Garden, Perla Negra, and another restaurant that I forget its name.  You will be outside a gorgeous large palace like home.  The entrance is small but will have a sign outside saying Villa Monet.

  9. If anybody is in Chapala and wants a lovely night out in a beautiful restaurant  I would suggest Villa Monet right on the malecón right before Lake Chapala Inn.  It is in the house formerly owned by the Victor Luna family.  While Elizabeth Taylor was dating him she would stay in that house each time she visited the area.  I brought my family there to eat last night and the food was surprisingly very good with excellent attention given to us by the staff.  And the grounds and architecture are gorgeous with lots of original antique furniture and furnishings.  The restaurant always seems super quiet, but it is fairly new and probably hasn't been discovered yet by many.  But it is a true gem.  So if you want a quiet night out surrounded by enchanting ambiance, then visit Villa Monet in Chapala.

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