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  1. The parrish church in Chapala San Francisco de Asis was originally built in 1548 by an Italian Friar Miguel de Bolonia.  It was first built with grass mixed adobe.  It was altered several times over the years with its last final restauration being done 1968 when the exterior was finally covered in cantera stone.  Prior to that it was white covered in limestone. The clock was imported from Europe.

  2. Just ignore the haters, the haters are always gonna hate.  Maybe consider giving Chapala town the spotlight over Ajijic, many of the youngerish people coming down that I talk to are starting to prefer Chapala over Ajijic because of its easy smooth flat walkability and its more Mexican vibes.  

  3. He is not necessarily promoting more development of this area.  He just wants to make a cool video.  Many people before him have come and made videos about Lake Chapala.  Nothing is wrong with that.  If he is as good as he says, his videos will make for an interesting watch.  I'll watch them.  Folks try to lighten up a little and enjoy life.

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  4. Yeah don't let some of the naysayers here discourage you.  In reality this area truly has a lot of nice and kind people Mexican and Expats alike.  And sure there have been lots of mini documentaries and videos made about life down here in the Chapala area over the years.  Each video is unique and different and no they don't all say the same things obviously.  And many of us really enjoy watching them on You Tube.  I don't understand why some people always have to be so negative.  I look forward to watching any video you make please just post the link when finished.

  5. 5 hours ago, Kiko said:

    That door swings both ways on this forum as most forums.  I was called a "pile of manure" a couple of years ago by a poster friend of yours and the mod never took any action.  So as far as I am concerned,  the mod gets the final nod, and it is not a secret where his biases are. 

    Virgo girl got put in timeout, OK, no problem if she was out of line. 

    Bottom line is simply that the board has a right bias and there cannot be any open discussion and  civility if the rules are not enforced equally.  And the rules are not enforced equally.  No me importa, Another thread hijack, excuse me.


    Yes Kiko the door always tends to swing both ways.  Two years ago or more before this pandemic and the Trump era I would have identified with the liberal side of the aisle but the leftists have gone so far out in left field lately that I can no longer blindy side with all their ideas and mandates.  And who ever called you a pile of manure, I would not of sided with that person and I doubt that he is my friend.  Since our politics are now so extreme and polarized it is now better to scrutinize both sides and attempt to pick a middle of the road view.  Growing up I used to think the nasties were only on the right.  Now I see things differently.  This board is living proof.  Sure we have one crazy drunk BB boy going off on illegible and incomprehensible arguments.  But he isn't what I would call nasty, just loco.  Those on the right tend to come across as possibly more snarky but those on the left are the ones that are getting the nastiest and using the vilest and vulgarist language.  I haven't read anywhere where a conservative told someone to die but there are several posts from the nasty squad here telling others that if they don't mask up or vaccinate they can go die.  The leftists have become the new nasties.  But their power is now slowly beginning to diminish thank goodness.

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  6. Its quite possible you were near the Río Orinoco then you went to La Gran Sabana and then onto Salto Angel or near Roraima. That is where most tourists go.  Lots of unique things to see and explore there. Venezuela has beautiful and totally unique natural environments while México out performs with its history, culture,  and colonial cities.  Venezuela can't compete with those things.  But Venezuela has amazing nature and their Andes Mountains are out of this world, in and around Mérida should not be missed either.

  7. If you would reread his original post I think it would be crystal clear.  He came discussing some interesting projects about him possibly making a series about expat life in México, several people came instantly offering recomendations and insight.  Until Virgo lady walks in to the room spewing her usual nauseating dosis of vile hate and nastyness.  And now she is sitting in time-out thanks to the mods.

  8. I don't know the exact number, just spend some time reading threads in the Octagon section and come back and give us your take.  Many of those that left in disgust were people intolerant to differences of ideas and contrary opinions.  I would say quite a few folks that have been banned here over the years ended up over there.  But yet some came back here under new names and new encarnations.  And there is a reason for that.  TOB is less stimulating.  You need a diverse group of people with diverse takes and opinions to make a board interesting.  When you constantly try to shut people down and censor their opinions like Virgo lady has been trying to do for some time, once those people leave you are left with a very bland and boring webboard.  Hence TOB.

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  9. I was thinking about mentioning the other board.  But it is a rather low traffic board and its members are comprised of many who were banned from Chapala.com for their nasty child like comments.  They are mostly a like minded group who have run off most people who have opposing ideas. Their Octagon section has few rules and that is where the close minded bullies tend to hang out.   You won't see a lot of differeng opinions on that board.  You could check out  expatforum.com and go to the Mexico section.  They have people living all over Mexico there.

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  10. Virgo lady, just because someone has an independent mind and questions things and are not so quick to believe everything they see or hear on the internet does not make them a Trump supporter or someone who carries confederate flags.  What is wrong with you?

    And no, so far I have not had any variant of Covid that I am aware of, so I guess that article of yours about Covid shrinking peoples brains would not apply to me.

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