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  1. I would start by calling a plumber first off.  With the current water issues in Chapala a lot of the water has been coming periodically with lots of extra sand which clogs the pipes and the filters.  It happened to us recently.  Our pipes and filter were all clogged up with sand that had to be flushed out.

  2. Yeah I have been googling it too.  Apparently they don't have strong enough jaws to penetrate human skin, but they can nibble on you when you are asleep.  When they nibble on you they generally are looking for places where you may have food crumbs or residues like around your mouth, hands and fingers.  But either way its still gross so always remember to wash your face and hands before going to bed at night guys.

  3. Ok, but several folks are trying to rain on his parade.  Some are terrified that a really good documentary director is going to promote this area and cause a wave of Northerners to invade this area.  Its not all about Ajijic, here in Chapala I wouldn't necessarily mind seeing more gringos supporting the local stores and local restaurants here.  Heck, maybe we will get better and more varied options to eat at here in Chapala.  And I'm sure the smaller towns wouldn't mind the extra gringo money supporting  their businesses as long as they try to integrate and shop locally.  It could benefit many Mexicans.  Think about the iron smiths, brick masons, plumbers, gardeners, maids etc.

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  4. Mudgirl, that is actually why I love living in Spanish speaking countries, México especially.  Because they are honest, humble, and not politically correct.  When I was in HS I once lived in Venezuela for a year as a foreign exchange student.  In my host family I had an aunt who was fairly white looking and she had a good friend who looked really dark African black.  (If you ever live in South America you would understand how the races mix there) but she would always call him affectionately mi negrito.  Once I asked him if that bothered him, he responded why would it?  I am clearly black.   My other aunt had a live in black maid named Fany that seviced the house.  Me being from the South, that was slightly awkward.  And they wore uniforms too.  I would come home from school and go to my room to lay on my bed to watch Thunder Cats in Spanish and here would come Fany taking out my trash sweeping and mopping around my bed as I layed there watching TV.  Now that was awkward feeling coming from our American history.  But it was life down there.  You either served or had a servent.  And we lived in a small appt.  Most appts always had a small room by the laundry room where the live in maid would live.  That was Venezuela in the 90's. Things in México are different.  They rarely call a black Mexican or black person  negro cause here they recognize that to be perceived as racist.  But a darker skinned mestizo family member or spouse they address here afectinately as mi negrito or mi negrita.  But here is the Mexican caveat if you are white looking they don't have a problem affectionately calling you güero or güera.  Which means whitey used affectionately for both Mexicans and foreigners.  Most expats may never notice this unless they are fluent in Spanish.  Most people talking to you may be respectfully addressing you as whitey.  Mi güerito cómo estás hoy?  My little whitey how are you today.  After first moving to México that was weird and strange and I'd be like hey I ain't your little whitey but now I have grown to embrace it affectionately and assimilate.

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  5. Yeah just be careful with the word caucasian.  Many many Mexicans are caucasian and many are of Euopean blood lines.  You will see this a lot in Jalisco and in many more Northern states.  Jalisco has something they call ojos Tapatíos which are blue or colored eyes.  And if I sometimes have trouble determining who are Americans and Canadians how do you expect Mexicans to be able to, hence why we all just gringos.  And yes I have been speaking Spanish since I was young and I know what they call us. And I never get offended.

  6. Mudgirl is technically correct on terminology but way off on terms of usage.  Any english speaking person can and will be labeled a gringo or gabacho.  They don't ask to see your passport first.  Any light skinned European may be called a gringo even if they are speaking a totally different language than English.  Because to many Mexicans they might not always be able to distinguish which language a person is speaking while passing them on the streets.  Even Afro-Americans can and will be called gringos.  Chicanos too.  If they perceive you as looking or acting like an American than they will call you gringo.  Period.  And unfortunately Americans often times do the very same thing.  If you look or sound like how Americans think a Mexican should look or sound like, then you are Mexican.  It doesn't matter if you are really Guatemalan, Argentinian, or a Spaniard for that matter.

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  7. I would recommend waiting till the rainy season.  The mountains turn miraculously green and it is reminiscent of Hawaii.  And the summer weather is marvelous.  Yeah the silt in the lake might be sturred up by the nightly heavy rains but boy will those mountains look so gorgeous.  You could wait for 2 or 3 days without rain to get a bluer looking lake.  There will always be periods of several days without rain.  Another interesting place to film is the Guachimontones archaeological park.  That house the only circular pyramids in all of México.  Only 2 hours drive from the lake and not far from Tequila a pueblo mágico.  Another fascinating place only 2 hours from here to visit for those that love beautiful colonial architecture is the lovely town of Lagos de Moreno, it is probably the best preserved colonial city in all of Jalisco.  All these videos will turn out better after the rains green the area up especially by the pyramids.

  8. Yeah there are lots out on the streets of Chapala at night and on the malecón.  But if you can't leave your house for health reasons or cause you don't hardly ever leave your house in the evenings then you won't be affected much hence the attitude certain people have on this board.  But at least we have a genuine reason to wear those face masks again folks!  

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