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  1. Well I guess to he honest we don't know with 100 % accuracy.  But they did spray glyphosate as a career together for many many years.  And they shockingly and mysteriously (to us at least) died in the same time frame from a rapidly forming cancer.  I think its pretty clear that it has the potential to give people cancer.  Look at the many law suits against the Round Up company from people who are getting cancer.  Exposing yourself to poison on a daily basis is not wise even if the company swears its safe.

  2. Rocks don't increase temperatures.  Covering everything in asphalt and cement is what raises temperatures.  That is one of the reasons our streets are cobblestoned, they are much cooler and allow proper water drainage apart from keeping traffic fairly slow through town.

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  3. Yes I do.  Look at the thread that was immediately closed that was started this morning.  Hospital San Antonio Negative report.  Every couple of days a newbie nobody starts a thread maligning Hospital San Antonio.  The thread closed today, the 3 people posting were first timers with Spanish user names.  Yes I think one newer hospital is playing a dirty war with the other more established and preferred hospital. It is so obvious.


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  4. If you have the money I would get a UV for the showers and bathrooms and kitchen sink.  And get reverse osmosis for your drinking water.  The thing about UV is that it just nukes the pathogens and amoebas but does not filter or remove anything.  RO removes everything.  I was reading recently that UV is recommended more if you have lake or river water and RO is better for well water.  It gets out all the arsenic and heavy metals and god knows what else.  In Chapala the municipal water doesn't come from the lake but from wells high in arsenic.

  5. Has anybody been there lately?  I hear they are now under new management.  I went there the other night and found the food to be really good.  They have plenty of out door seating.  And at least 25 flavors of wings to choose from.  The staff is super attentive, one of the waiters grew up in the States but moved back down with family he is very friendly and attentive.  If you went there years ago and wasn't impressed give them a second chance,  it has made quite a turn around.

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