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  1. Well I sure hope it has started finally but of course I would of preferred that it had started on my guess date of the 16th. I have been here 11 years, if it has officially started it will be the earliest in all my 11 years here. Usually it starts up like clockwork in around the 15th of June.
  2. If spices are dried and stored correctly they should keep long past any expiration date.
  3. The equipal guy across from Soriana can actually come to your house and refinish them for you for a decent fee. And I would assume he has all the dyes for sell too.
  4. Honestly, people bring seeds down all the time. Just put it in a pants' pocket in yout suitcase. We have been doing it for years and have never had a problem. If they are found the worst thing that would happen is they would just confiscate them.
  5. Yes I realize that it is not a bird but a possum but I hope this old thread helps.
  6. I believe there is the Chapala Wildlife Center or something with a similar name. And I think its in Chapala on Hidalgo close to the immigration office. Maybe someone else can confirm this or add aditional information.
  7. Isn't that true for nearly most cities in the world? But most blocks in the centro are safe at night. I am a frequent late night outer and have been so for the past 10 years. I have never felt threatened or seen anything scary apart from a wino trying to bum a smoke. I have always felt very safe in Chapala.
  8. Yes, it all depends on the lifestyle you want. We wanted to live in town where you can walk everywhere. We picked Chapala for its affordability and easy walkability and FINALLY the highspeed internet from Totalplay is excellent in Chapala. Its not fun living isolated in a Gated Community and having to drive your kids to school back and forth twice a day at peak traffic times. That will get old very quickly. We also wanted our kids to bond with the local Mexicans on the street and the Mexican culture. It was never important for us to send them to fancy elite private schools to be surrounded by rich light skinned snobby Mexican kids that lived mostly in gated communities in Ajijic while we lived in Chapala. We wanted our kids to see their friends frequently on the streets of Chapala. We did pick private schools mostly which were comprised of mostly middle class Mexican families that mainly live right here in town. When the kids are just 2 and 4, high quality education is not as important, adapting to Mexico and learning to be totally fluent in Spanish is of greater concern. Once they reach secondary you can focus more on the higher quality education. But of course, that is just my opinion.
  9. We have raised two American born children down here. We settled in downtown Chapala. The boy had just turned 8 when we moved here, this year he graduated from the local highschool in Chapala connected with Universidad de Guadalajara. We chose against sending him to an elite billingual private school cause we figured he would hang out mostly with kids that spoke better English and it would hinder his ability to learn Spanish so we put him in all Spanish Carmelite private school called Colegio Chapala for his remaining primary years. We picked the school cause it was just 2 blocks from home and we were happy with the school within 6 months he was speaking Spanish fairly fluently. He did his secondary at Loyola and finished up in the Chapala Prepatory. His little sister was 1 when she got here. We immediately put her in the Maria Montessori daycare program and she went on to graduate from their preschool. It was all in Spanish and Maria Montessori only went up to Preshool. Later we put her in the Decroly private school. Half the day was in English and half the day was in Spanish. We finally took her out of Decroly and put her in a public school to try it out for a year, not terribly pleased so next year she'll be going to Colegio Chapala. We also belived the billingual school was a total waste of time and money. Yes it is beneficial for the Mexican students to learn English it is a waste for English speaking kids that already speak English fluently. They spend half the day learning their colors, body parts, animals like how to say butterfly. Our girl didn't need any of that she was already fluent and that held her back on learning Spanish in our opinion. As long as you speak English at home and a lot of the tv they watch or books they read is in English they won't lose their English.
  10. Sorry I must of dozed off halfway through the post, this heat is brutal.
  11. I am sure Gualberto can fix it. He is the highest recommended guy in the area to fix house appliances around here. You can search for his contact number.
  12. Furry friends do an excellent job on my long haired Havanese dog. I know cats are not the same but you could give them a try.
  13. There is a store a couple shops down from the 711 in Chapala that sells imported American clothes and I think they also have dress shirts for men. Its worth to check out at least.
  14. Ask at the Gardening Center or at Vida Verde store they might know.
  15. Actually I am interested in visiting Orizaba, Veracruz a good sized town up in the Veracruz highlands where its always cool and green. You tube videos make Orizaba look rather tempting to visit with few expats to boot. I would think that things would be dramatically cheaper there too.
  16. I used to live high up in the Venezuelan Andés when I was younger in the city of San Cristóbal in the state of Táchira. I obviously wouldn't want to live there now with all their problems but I hear that Medellín has similar weather. I remember the weather being fantastic, never too hot and never too cold. It rained nearly daily most evenings for 30 mins or so. The surrounding Andés mountains were green year round. Their weather was much better than here with low humidity too due to altitude. The weather stayed the same all here with little variance in temperatures, nearly always springtime weather, much more so than here but without the mildewy damp feeling you get in Boquete Panamá or in Cuenca. I hear that Cuenca is pretty wet and cold most the time.
  17. Don't worry when the rains do come the 2nd week or so of June, the weather tends to cool down. The summers on the lake are actually many people's favorite time of year. All the mountains turn green, the weather is mostly cool, pleasant and often times overcast with overall fairly low humidity.
  18. Thanks I will look them up and read about it.
  19. I never thought that censoring and silencing people should ever be done. But moderators if you don't act soon the insane and the drunken will be the nail in the coffin to this forum. Please do something!
  20. Bobby Brown are we answering and responding to our own posts now?
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